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By Chris King, May 29, 2012 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, PC, Sony

One of the best installments in EA’s Need for Speed series is coming back!  Now it has not yet been confirmed weather or not this will be a sequel or a remake but it has been confirmed that it will… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 29, 2012 Microsoft, News

Hope everyone enjoyed the long weekend for Memorial Day! If you were working, then I feel bad for you. While you were working, I was playing some Diablo III and enjoying some amazing weather. On to the good stuff. There… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, May 28, 2012 News, Nintendo

If you are planning on picking up Pokemon Conquest on June 18th, then plan on getting it at GameStop!  At GameStop you will receive 5 Pokemon to redeem on your copy of the game.  They will be Emolga, Lapras, Scyther, Riolu, and… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 27, 2012 GameGravy Giveaways, News

**Update** We have our winners! Congratulations to Halberad(Xbox 360) and thafeend(PS3). You both got yourself a FREE copy of Ghost Recon Future Solider. Make sure to check your email for my confirmation and send me your address, so we can… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, May 26, 2012 Microsoft, News, PC, Sony

I have to admit, I am a huge Tomb Raider fan and NO not because she is a bit chesty.  To be honest her chest has shrunk in this new re-boot of the series, which makes her more realistic in… Read More »

By Chris King, May 26, 2012 Microsoft, News

Tequila Works just released their new story trailer for their upcoming Xbox Live Arcade game titled Deadlight.  In this side scrolling, post apocalyptic survival horror game you will encounter zombies and people who will do anything by any means necessary… Read More »

By getamikeON, May 26, 2012 Microsoft, News

What’s been the most popular in gamers hearts this past week? Well, here you have it below. Here are the most popular Xbox Live titles for the week of May 14th. Maybe something you were thinking about playing is on… Read More »