GameGravy Mario Kart 7 Communities Now Available

With floods of non-cheating 3DS players returning to online racing after the Mario Kart 7 patch was released this morning, we here at GameGravy thought it’d be a good idea to give our readers a place to compete against each other.  With that, we created the official GameGravy Mario Kart 7 communities.

Communities are a cool feature in Mario Kart 7 that allow groups of people to gather and play under one set of rules (such as game type and items available) and earn bragging rights via a community specific leaderboard.  We’ve only got two so far, but we can add more if the people demand it (torches & pitchforks not required).

To join a community, head into the Online Multiplayer section and pick Communities.  From there, just enter in each of the codes below, and you’ll be deflating my Kart skills ego in no time!

  • 66-9070-0810-8263 (150cc All Items racing)
  • 06-2320-0511-7374 (Balloon Battle All Item matches)

I’m sure you’ll see several of the staff cursing the heavens as we ricochet a green shell of a wall and straight into ourselves, so come point and laugh!  Also be sure to look for the GameGravy review of Mario Kart 7 coming later this week.




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