Blizzard explains they are experimenting with console development for Diablo III but its not certain

So it appears that the Blizzard is being conscious of all gaming markets but hesitant to commit to anything for Diablo III. They are openly hiring for console development and company officials said they are “investigating” and “exploring” console Diablo projects.

“Yeah. We haven’t officially announced it, because we’re not ‘experimenting,'” Diablo 3director Jay Wilson told Gamasutra. “We tell people that basically we’re experimenting, because it helps us hire people. The better people we hire, the better chance we have to actually make it.”

This pretty much equates to, there is no concrete plans for a console version of Diablo III. Blizzard is bringing in people to try things to see if they will work – yep, sounds like experimenting. “That’s why we haven’t kept it super secret, but we also haven’t confirmed it, because we’re not sure yet whether we think it will work, and whether we think we have the resources to do it,” Wilson said.

Obviously this is something that has to be greatly explored as the control schemes would be completely different, there are many variables and factors to weigh in. I wouldn’t expect Blizzard putting this out for some time if they do wind up going with a console port. The Diablo team is very committed to putting out quality software not rushing things, I tip my hat towards them for investigating this option. For people like us, real Diablo fans, this will not matter much as we’ll have this tonight at midnight. Game on.


Source: Gamasutra




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