Nintendo Beats Around The Bush

When recently asked about the lack of virtual console games out for the Nintendo 3DS Nintendo had this response:

 “Each week Nintendo makes available a mix of Nintendo eShop, Virtual Console, WiiWare and Nintendo DSiWare games. Combined, these services currently provide gamers with hundreds of fun and interesting downloadable games to choose from. There is no preset schedule as to how many games will become available in a given week, but many more are on the way via all of these digital-delivery systems.”


Now i know you all are probably getting pretty sick of my rants on this subject matter but this response is more ridiculous than the fact that a new 3DS virtual console game hasn’t been released in over two months.  They have a backlog of hundreds of Game Boy, Game Boy Color and Game Gear games that can released plus why not release Game Boy Advance games? If the ambassidors can get ten GBA games then why not use the service to actually make money off of them? DO YOU NOT LIKE MONEY NINTENDO? WE ALL HAVE OUR HARD EARNED CASH IN OUR HANDS WAITING TO BUY THESE TITLES!!!! RELEASE THEM!!!! OK, sorry about that, got a little carried away but you get my point.

What do you guys think of Nintendo’s business model so far when it comes to digital content?



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