Resident Evil 6 Pre-Order Bonuses

The pre-order bonuses have been unveiled for Resident Evil 6, and they let slip the fact that Mercenaries Mode will be back. If you haven’t played Mercenaries, it’s essentially a survival mode. There are waves of delightfully evil nastiness that gets thrown at you and you can find items in the environment to help you survive. These pre-order bonuses are all exclusive Mercenaries maps.

Resident Evil 6 will be available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 on October 2nd, 2012. There will also be a PC SKU of RE6, but we’ll have more news on that exact launch date coming to you soon.

Here are the pre-order bonuses (Yes, before I get comments below. I know I linked to the Xbox 360 version, its what I cover here and my system of choice, just select the PS3 if you want that one):

Best Buy – If you pre-order at Best Buy you get the Rail Yard map. It is a multi-level map set in the steel and concrete labyrinth of a rail yard. Enemies will be lurking in and popping out of train cars and on the roofs as well. – If you go through Amazon you get the High Seas Fortress map. It is a large map with a variety of environments, allowing you to get in gunfights on the deck of a moored aircraft carrier and go hand-to-hand in the confines of hangars and building hallways.

Gamestop –  Gamestop will get you The Catacombs map. It is a confusing, booby trap-laden maze. With monsters.

There may be other maps and pre-order bonuses coming, but they’ve yet to be announced.


[Via Capcom Unity]




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