manufacturing details and possible retail price for Wii U!


Supposedly, a source that is closely involved with the distribution and manufacturing of Nintendo products revealed some information.

     – total cost of materials to manufacture the Wii U console (includes cost of controller)

        is estimated to be around $180

     – controller’s total bill of materials and components costs no more than $50

     – Wii U will be no less than $300 when it launches

Nintendo is mainly concerned with producing a product that is inexpensive for consumers and up to date with technology that would bring in investors.

     – NFC capabilities for each new Wii U controller costs no more than $5 to implement

     – price of NFC implementation in mobile devices is expected to fall below $1

       in the near future

     – Microsoft’s Kinect cost $56 after tearing it apart

     – Wii U controller’s cost of materials would be slightly less than what Kinect cost

Of course this is all rumor speculations found here, but this seems pretty logical in terms of the Wii U cost.  In June at E3, we will know for certain the complete and total truth to all details involved with the Wii U.





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