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By Jeffrey Wilkes, April 30, 2012 News, Nintendo

Nintendo confirmed during a press release that the midnight purple 3DS is real and will be releasing the same day as Mario Tennis Open.  It will be retailed at the same price the other colors are at, $169.99.  

By Jeffrey Wilkes, April 29, 2012 News

Siliconera will be revealing an unannounced Square-Enix game tomorrow.  They wouldn’t give up any other information or hints as to what it could be, but did state that it will surprise all of us.  I wonder what game will be announced… Read More »

By getamikeON, April 29, 2012 News

If you haven’t experienced the true awesomeness that is Bastion on the Xbox 360 or PC, you are missing out. Do not fear though Mac users, Bastion is now officially available in the Mac app store. This narration-filled adventure game with… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, April 27, 2012 Microsoft, News, Sony

Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is indeed the next COD game in the making according to a picture sent in to IGN.  Black Ops 2 will be officially announced on May 1st during the NBA playoffs with a premier… Read More »

By getamikeON, April 27, 2012 News

Wow, well have you ever wanted to check out your favorite social apps Star Wars style? Hmm, didn’t even think about that one did you? This is a cool little treat. This is a fun little app to celebrate the… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, April 27, 2012 Microsoft, News, Nintendo, PC, Sony

Had enough of trying to collect all the Skylander figures??  Of course you haven’t!!  Activision has teamed up with Frito-Lay to start a promotion from June 18th to July 13th to give everyone a chance to obtain the new Skylander Side-kicks. … Read More »

By Ryno, April 27, 2012 News, Sony

It’s official, Sony has announced Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale.  Being developed by SuperBot, this game looks to be Sony’s version of Smash Bros.  Starring characters like Sweet Tooth, Parappa the Rapper, Kratos and even Fat Princess this looks to be… Read More »