Kinect plus PC equals voice controlled media center

Ever wanted to sit down use your Kinect with your voice? Maybe just tell your PC or Xbox 360 what music or video to play in the media center? Well read below and watch the video to be amazed, and while you’re at it grab a copy of the software that will enable you to do so.

Steve and friends at Amulet Devices have greatly improved the Kinect’s skeleton recognition so that people canuse a Kinect while sitting down. The one main drawback of having a cool home theater controlled Minority Report UI style was that the Microsoft Skeleton recognition does a bad job of tracking people while sitting down so thats why it was needed to improve that skeleton. Steve rolled his own skeleton detection using Harr classifiers.

Steve’s app spent several days programming itself, so the results were well worth it. The Kinect now recognizes Steve waving is arm while he is lying down on the couch. To me that is a huge improvement to where the Kinect originally was, I hope that Microsoft picks up on these hacks and improves their system. Steve also included an awesome audio function, so you can literally tell your Kinect what song and artist to play and it will do so. These guys have really outdone themselves, great job! I’m looking forward to trying this out.

You can get this improved Kinect software for the PC and Xbox 360, here.



Source: Hackaday




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