What does Next Gen. mean to you?

The next generation of videogame consoles starts off this year with the release of the Nintendo WiiU, followed by the expected launches of the new Xbox and Playstation sometime in 2013.  With all these systems just around the corner what should we expect from them?

Here are some thoughts on what I would like to see for the future consoles.

  1. Better Graphics – This is almost a given, when we all go to upgrade to new systems the most noticeable thing is their ability to show more detailed images.  Now with more 3D TV’s on the market and everything moving to HD I would expect every Next Gen. game to have a 3D option and run in 1080p.
  2. Better Use of Motion Controls – With the WiiU still using the Wii remote, the Playstation Move having shipped over 10 million units and the rumor of  Kinect 2 for the next Xbox, it’s safe to say that motion gaming is going to be around for a little while longer.  I can only hope that they will make more practical uses for the peripherals instead of making them mandatory to play games.  There are just some types of games that just work better with an actual controller that uses analog sticks instead of waggle or body controls.
  3. Bigger Hard Drives – This needs to happen period.  There are beginning to be so many great downloadable only titles that Hard Drive space is filling up at an enormous rate.  This is especially true with the PS3 this Gen. considering how most games have a mandatory install before you can even play them.
  4. Disc Based Systems – The latest rumor for the next Xbox is that it may be fully digital with no disc drive in it.  I for one think that this would be a terrible idea.  This means that you can no longer borrow/trade games with friends, you won’t be able to trade in your titles at a local game store for that new title your wanting, and worst of all how can you show off a collection of great titles that you own when they are all downloaded?  You can’t put digital games on your shelf.
  5. Cross Platform Online Play – The last but certainly not least thing that I would like to see Next Gen is cross platform online gaming.  I know this seems like a dream with the way each of the companies online infrastructure is set up but it is not impossible.  I know with games like Shadowrun and Portal 2 gamers were able to play with PC gamers from their respective console so why not come to a middle ground and let gamers play with each other no matter which system they choose.

Those are just some of the things that I hope will happen Next Generation.  If you feel differently or would like to add to this list, take the poll and leave a comment below.

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I would like to say that I came out of the womb with a controller in hand, but it wasn't until the age of 3 that I would receive my first console, the Atari 2600. From that moment on, games have not only a hobby of mine but a passion as well. Owning the majority of gaming platforms out there, I try to play as many different types of games that I can.