Kid Icarus seems to be “Uprising” to a whole new level!


Everyone who owns a 3DS by now should all know who Kid Icarus is, especially with the upcoming release of Kid Icarus: Uprising.  The game has way more to offer than most Nintendo titles that have been released so far on the 3D handheld.  Masahiro Sakurai, the head designer, had great visions to where Kid Icarus could go and it looks as though he delivered above and beyond.  Kid Icarus: Uprising has 3 parts to each level or world, which involves flying to the destination, then adventuring around on ground in a Zelda-esque style and going for the epic boss battles to finish it off.  Probably the most exciting addition to Kid Icarus is the 6-player local and online multiplayer.  You can either choose to be on the Light team or Dark team in a 3 versus 3 or go solo in a free for all match.  There are 3 different characters to choose from on each team, all different from each other that could benefit certain playing styles.  The street pass feature involves exchanging weapon crystals, which you can either use it to fuse a better weapon, claim the weapon inside the crystal or convert it into hearts (the games currency).  Uprising comes packaged with more than just a game for a nice $39.99 price tag.  All Kid Icarus games come pre-packaged with a stand to set your 3DS on, 6 random AR cards and of course Kid Icarus: Uprising.stand



The AR card involvement in Kid Icarus: Uprising is very interesting to say the least.  Since each game is packaged with 6 random cards, each person to pick a copy up should have a few cards if not all different from the next.  These AR cards can be used to produce 3D pictures on the 3DS in a similar fashion to the original AR cards that came with your 3DS or used to battle.


To find another person with Kid Icarus: Uprising would be a fun interaction with comparing AR cards and battling them out to see who’s cards are stronger.  This seems to be a very purchase worthy 3DS title in my opinion and releases on March 23.  If you are planning on doing so, make sure you pre-order the game at a major retailer, such as GameStop or Best Buy to receive a free download code for the 3D classic of the old NES Kid Icarus.




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