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By Ryno, August 19, 2011 News

In this new trailer for Star Fox 64 3D we take a look at the Star Fox teams two other modes of transportation, the Land Master and the Blue Marine.  These two vehicles, while only being used in certain stages… Read More »

By Ryno, August 18, 2011 Deals Of The Week, Nintendo

So no Virtual Console game for either the Wii or the 3DS. Instead Nintendo gives us 3D Urban Champions which was one of the first fighting games developed for the NES. WiiWare Flight Control (500 points) DSiWare Blockado – Puzzle… Read More »

By Ryno, August 17, 2011 News, Nintendo

Nintendo has announced a new slime version of the Wii releasing in Europe this holiday.  This new slim Wii is a smaller design that is more suited to lay horizontal.  The package comes bundled with Wii Sports and Wii Party. … Read More »

By Anthony DeVirgilis, August 16, 2011 News, Nintendo

Today Nintendo has announced that on August 28th there will me a price drop for four of their more recent classics for the Wii.  Super Paper Mario, Mario Strikers Charged, Punch-Out!! and Super Mario Galaxy all are worth picking up… Read More »

By Ryno, August 15, 2011 News, Nintendo

This will give Nintendo something to Dance about.  Just Dance 2 is the latest title to join the Nintendo 5 Million sold club.  This puts the Wii with more then double the amount of 5 million plus sellers then any… Read More »

By Ryno, August 11, 2011 Deals Of The Week, News, Nintendo

This is it, today is the last chance for anyone in North America to log into the Nintendo 3DS e-shop and become a Nintendo ambassador.  You have until 11:59 pm est tonight,  because that is when the price of a… Read More »

By Ryno, August 11, 2011 News, Nintendo

This year celebrates the 25th anniversary of The Legend of Zelda franchise. Nintendo is celebrating by giving fans a website featuring the history of the Zelda and some really nice downloadable wallpapers for your computer. Check it all out here… Read More »