Final Fantasy XIII-2 News


Square-Enix has released some new screenshots of their highly anticipated sequel and they look gorgeous.  SE  has always set the bar for RPG graphics and cut scenes and their attention to detail shines in these new pics.



Final-Fantasy-XIII-2 screen2

Final-Fantasy-XIII-2 screen 3

Final-Fantasy-XIII-2 screen4

Also SE has released new info about a location called The Bresha Ruins. Their description is as follows “Long ago, Lake Bresha and the surrounding land were crystallized. After the fall of Cocoon, the entire area was destroyed. Now, these ruins are a restricted area, filled with remnants of life from a previous life. Today, excited researchers and cautious guards swarm the site in hopes of new discoveries.”

I have high expectations for this sequel. I believe SE has listened to the criticism of FFX13 and they’re ready to deliver the goods (I hope). As of right now it looks like a release date of early 2012 for North America. Are you excited about the new sequel or have you given up on the JRPG genre?



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