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Resident Evil Mercenaries (Nintendo 3DS)

Fight back hordes of terrifying enemies in Resident Evil®: The Mercenaries 3D, an action-packed exclusive for the Nintendo 3DS. Play as your favorite characters from Resident Evil® history in re-mastered challenges from Resident Evil® 4 and Resident Evil® 5. Take the battle online with WiFi or local co-op and team up against the infected swarms and memorable bosses in 30 new missions. Customize your character, and take on new modes with a variety of tactics and objectives. See the Resident Evil Universe like never before, with frantic Resident Evil combat in cutting-edge 3D.

  • Online Co-op: Partner with a friend, either through the Nintendo 3DS’s WiFi or AdHoc networks.
  • Frantic Gameplay: Battle hordes of classic Resident Evil enemies, compiling high scores and new customization options.
  • Iconic Characters: The biggest names from Resident Evil history, including Chris Redfield, Claire, Krauser, and Hunk.
  • Console-Quality Graphics: Play a handheld shooter without sacrificing visuals or controls.

Source: Capcom

Super Street Fight IV Arcade Edition (PlayStation 3, XBOX360)

Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition, brings the ultimate vision of Street Fighter® home to the Xbox 360®video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®, the PlayStation®3 computer entertainment system, and PC in the Summer of 2011 in North America. The follow-up to the critically acclaimed Super Street Fighter® IV will further redefine the fighting game genre with classic 2D Street Fighter fighting action, a host of new and returning characters, beefed up online modes, and more.

Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition features a roster of 39 characters such as Ryu, Chun-li, Juri, El Fuerte, and Rufus, while adding 4 new characters to the roster including classic combatants from previous Street Fighter games like Yun and Yang as well as the all-new Oni.

Beyond characters, Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition adds all-new balancing as well as an enhanced Replay Channel.


  • New Playable Characters: Four new challengers enter the ring: Yun, Yang, Oni and Evil Ryu.
  • Updated Character Balancing: Features all new character balancing, further refining gameplay.
  • Updated Replay Channel: Replay Follower: Be able to follow up to 5 separate player replays making it easier to find your favorite players’ latest replay. My Channel Advanced: Allows players to distribute their replay data to up to 50 players. Elite Channel: Watch replay data from elite players who have a rating of 3000PP or more.
  • All playable SSFIV characters will be unlocked out of the box, including Yun & Yang, Oni, and Evil Ryu.

Source: Capcom

Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 3 (PlayStation 3, XBOX360)

Set in the future, chaotic warfare has engulfed the universe. The world is ripe with strife as gigantic mecha called Mobile Suits march to war on land and in space. Featuring characters and mecha from over 30 years of Gundam anime and manga series, DYNASTY WARRIORS: GUNDAM 3 is the mecca of mecha!

Source: Tecmo/Koei

UFC Personal Trainer (PlayStation 3, XBOX360)

Set personal goals and achieve real results with an unparalleled mixed martial arts (MMA) fitness program designed by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM) and leading MMA training experts. UFC Personal Trainer provides players with an extensive assortment of effective and challenging MMA-inspired exercises, in both pre-set and customizable routines, to build strength, increase endurance, burn calories and get results. Personalized instruction and tips from the MMA trainers guide players to stay motivated, get fit and track their goals with a helpful in-game journal. In addition, the game’s Hit The Mitts mode enables players to participate in high impact agility drills, with opportunities to earn rewards and have fun with friends in a competitive, multiplayer environment.

Source: THQ

Mystery Case Files: The Malgrave Incident (Nintendo Wii)

Welcome to Malgrave Island. Enjoy the sights but keep your wits sharp – Winston Malgrave needs your help.

  • You be the detective.  Explore the twists and turns of this mysterious island resort to uncover the secrets of Malgrave Island.
  • Use your Wii Remote controller to solve multi-layered hidden object puzzles and find items to move deeper into the mystery.
  • Get everyone in the family to tackle these mysteries together, and discover a new way to enjoy game night with the Wii console.

Source: Nintendo


Sniper Ghost Warrior (PlayStation 3)

Sniper: Ghost Warrior is a first-person tactical shooter that places the player in the role of a US Marine sniper tasked with aiding in the liberation of a Latin American island nation. Gameplay focuses on realistic sniper missions involving stealth, and bullet trajectory that takes weather conditions into account.

Exclusive PS3 Content

  • New & Exclusive Single Player Campaign
  • New & Challenging Hardcore Missions
  • 2 Exclusive New Sniper Rifles Added
  • 5 Additional Multiplayer Maps
  • New Multiplayer Mode

Source: GameStop




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