“The Gravy Bowl”: Top 10 Most Anticipated E3 Topics

e3 gravybowl

In our first Gravy Bowl (discussion panel) of staff members, we are taking on the topic of E3.  We are on the eve of what could be the biggest E3 in years and we have compiled our list of the top ten topics we are looking forward from #10 to our #1 most anticipated topic.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ryno: “It’s a fresh new take on the series.”

Dan: “A whole new aspect of Resident Evil where you get to be in the shoes of Umbrella members.”

Ant: “Resident Evil… Online… Gold”

Mike: “As a fan of Resident Evil, I’m looking forward to the inclusion of the Umbrella agents perspective into the storylines of the 2nd and 3rd games.”


Twisted Metal

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Mike: “Two words: Iron Maiden!”

Ant: “We really haven’t had a “new” installment in the Twisted Metal franchise since the launch window of the PlayStation , I wasn’t really impressed with this reboot at last year’s show, but what a difference a year makes.  With mechs, helicopters and just straight up carnage, I can’t wait to get some game time in with this one.”

Ryno: “Car Combat revitalized with new online features should make this a WINNING combination.”

Dan: “Bad ass Soundtrack…looking foward to the “Twisted” Metal!”


Sony NGP/Vita

Why we are looking forward to this system:

Gravy Train (All of the Staff): “While a portable PS3 could be life changing…..but at what cost?”


Modern Warfare 3

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Mike: “New Maps, Locations and Online play…all with amazing graphics”

Ant: “I’m the Claymore King BABY!”

Ryno: “Another Great Game in a franchise filled with them.”

Dan: “Bring on the new maps…and noob tubes!”


Batman: Arkham City

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ryno: “Huge, openworld with new fighting styles and more Batman characters this go around.”

Dan: “This place is dangerous….I like it!”

Ant: “Glad to see the best comic book game get a sequel.  More characters, more locations and you get to play as Catwoman as well…what more could we ask for?”

Mike: “It’s Batman, what else is there to say?”


Mario 3Ds

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ant: “Coming from the same team that made what is arguably the best platformer ever, I’m looking forward to this 3D-platformer in what will hands down be the 3DS game of the year.”

Ryno: “Mario…enough said.”

Mike: “The whole aspect of the mixed combination gameplay from different generation Mario games is really appealing to me.  3D is the icing on the cake.

Dan: “I’m sure it will be everything and more that we come to expect from Nintendo.”


Gears of Wars 3

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Mike: “The beta was amazing, and I’m looking forward to the four-player campaign.”

Dan: “After putting countless hours into the beta, I’m looking forward to playing the full version.”

Ryno: “The exciting conclusion to one of this generation’s top tier titles.”

Ant: “One of the very best Co-Op games around, with the addition of four players and the return of the horde mode I am stoked for the finale.”


Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ryno: “Another installment in one of this generation’s best new IP’s.”

Ant: “I’m looking forward to the 3rd installment in the Dude Raider franchise, with new online features and co-op options.”

Mike: “With smooth gameplay, refined graphics and a new twist in the story, I’m definitely looking forward to this new game”

Dan: “Cinematically, this is going to be one of the best games we have yet to play.”


The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ant: “This will be the Wii’s last hoorah, and boy is it going out with a bang!”

Ryno: “Being able to actually swing the sword 1:1 with Wii Motion Plus could be one of the most gratifying experiences ever.”

Mike: “Besides Super Mario Galaxy, this by far looks like it could be the best Wii game made.  It shows homage to the Zelda franchise while exploring new gameplay aspects with the use of the Wii remote.”

Dan: “Love the fresh graphical take which looks like a mix of cel-shading and water-painting, Nintendo continues to head Skyward.”


Project Cafe/Wii 2

Why we are looking forward to this title:

Ant: “Nintendo games in HD is really all we know that is certain, but if even half of the rumors are true, we are looking at a game changer.”

Ryno: “With HD graphics, better online support and 3rd parties finally jumping on board, Nintendo may be back to the Hardcore fans.”

Mike: “For the next generation of Nintendo consoles, this is going to be an exciting release.”

Dan: “Can’t wait to see the unveiling of Nintendo’s Frankenstein.”



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