Picross 3D

8.25 Overall Score
Gameplay: 10/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 6/10

Addictive Puzzler | Free Puzzle DLC | Budget Price

Average Graphics | Repetitive Sound Track

Game Info

GAME NAME: Picross 3D

DEVELOPER(S): Hal Laboratory

PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo DS

GENRE(S): Puzzle

RELEASE DATE(S): May 3rd, 2010

Over the years North America has been Japan’s red-headed step child when it comes to certain niche titles making the trip across the Pacific. Thankfully in 2007, Nintendo brought to us a unique puzzler for the DS that was a mix between a picture puzzle and a crossword.  This gracious blend was called Picross.  Fast forward 3 years later and developer Hal Laboratories and Nintendo have teamed up to bring gamers another twist on the puzzle genre with Picross 3D.  Does this ambitious title make a smooth transition to 3D or is it doomed from the start?

The basic mechanics of Picross 3D remain true to it’s predecessor, in where you make pictures out of blocks. The ante has been upped though as you are no longer restricted to a 2D plane.  You now smash the blocks that you are not using, similar to making an ice sculpture.  Each row and column are numbered with how many blocks you will be using in that particular line.  If the number has a circle around it, the blocks you will be using will be separated in to two groupings.  If the number has a square encasing it, the blocks will be in 3 or more different groupings on that particular line.  After all the breaking of the blocks you aren’t using, you are left with a 3D image.

Another great feature carried over from the first iteration is the My Picross feature.  In this option, you can build and share your very own puzzles over Nintendo’s Wi-Fi service.  You also can download puzzle packs from the online for no additional fees, which offers extended value to a game that already launched at a budget price.

With hundreds of puzzles prepackaged into the software and hundreds more available for download, Picross 3D is hours of entertaining fun for all ages and puzzle enthusiasts everywhere.  I highly recommend this game for fans of the first or puzzle fans that have yet to try this extremely addictive game.




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