OlliOlli (PC)

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 6/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

Fun levels | Great Graphics Sound | Lots of Content

Difficult tricks sometimes

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PLATFORM(S): PC(Reviewed), PS4, PS3, Vita

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): August 26th, 2014,

I used to skateboard a lot when I was little. I would always hit up skateparks, skate in front of malls or grocery stores and get yelled at by local business scuffing up their rails and curbs, ah the good old days. I still occasionally skateboard just not as recklessly as I once did. I believe one of the first skateboard video games I played was Skate Or Die on the Nintendo Entertainment System, and that was very fun although challenging. When I got a chance to review the latest skateboarding game by Roll7 I was thrilled, it’s called OlliOlli and it doesn’t disappoint.


OlliOlli has a unique look with its 8-bit graphical style. Which looks slick. It genuinely feels like a retro game with a nice polish to it. Although it’s a simple side scrolling skateboarding game it can get quite complicated quickly. I did this review on a PC using Steam. Naturally due to the nature of this title, it is best played with a plugged in controller. I used a wired Xbox 360 controller and that was a perfect combination to get the most out of this game and have it feel comfortable to play.

For some reason it took me forever to figure out how to land an olli properly, after a while I figured you have to slam the “A button” just as you hit the pavement to successfully land. Once I got that down I got lost in the natural progression and flow of kickflips, grinds, heelflips and tons of other tricks. I will have to say I was disappointed about the lack of grabs,street skaters do that occasionally. Tricks can get super complicated with all the level challenges that are available, but eventually in later levels it feels like a grind (I love skateboarding puns), it’s fun but takes a lot of effort and work. For those of you that are completionists you will love this game, it has an old school vibe and each level has a list of challenges that unlock achievements when completed.


The music fits perfectly with the game in a way where its conducive to creatively skating. It has a very chill, jazzy, hip hop glitch feel. You can find yourself definitely falling into the zone while trying to pull off some complicated tricks. There are 5 worlds in total, Urban, Junkyard, Port, Base, Neon city. With each world is a “Career” choice tab or “Spots” tab. Career is for completing challenges on levels and Spot is the same level but for competing on a online leaderboard and trying to beat yourself and everyone else. How Spots work is you have to continuously keep moving and grinding landing perfect otherwise the first time you land on the ground it ends. This is a challenge in itself but is really fun. In each world there is 5 Amateur levels and 5 pro levels so a total of 10 levels per world. You have to unlock the pro levels through completing the amateur level challenges.

The Recommendation

Roll 7 did an awesome job creating this skating game OlliOlli. While some tricks can be a difficult challenge, the amount of things to do in this title is plentiful so it lends to give it high replay value. After you get a hang of the controls it feels natural moving level to level. The graphics are pretty, have a retro fun feel and the music keeps you in a flow. I highly recommend checking out OlliOlli if you are into fun skateboarding games. For $12.99 it feels like you are getting a lot of content to keep you busy.



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