Mutant Mudds

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 9/10

level design | great use of 3D | challenging

No checkpoints | repetitive

Game Info

GAME NAME: Mutant Mudds

DEVELOPER(S): Renegade Kid

PUBLISHER(S): Renegade Kid

PLATFORM(S): eshop

GENRE(S): 2D platformer/shooter

RELEASE DATE(S): January 26th, 2012

The Nintendo 3DS has shown more than just great potential with the eShop this year.  Mutant Mudds, a retro-style platformer has graced the eShop for all to enjoy.  You play as Max, a young boy who is out to save the world from the alien Mutant Mud villains.  It has beautiful crisp 8-bit graphics to give that nostalgic effect and chipper midi-style music, while taking on this original 2D platformer.  The levels are challenging to say the least, with coins to collect as you jump over gap and shoot enemies with your bubble blaster.  By collecting the coins, you unlock new challenging levels and enemies to keep your OCD at work.  Mutant Mudds has 40 levels (including secret stages) that will span from full color, old-school GameBoy green-tint to even the red Virtual Boy look.  The challenge comes into play with there being a 4-minute timer to each level, along with having to jump back and forth between the background and foreground of the levels.  The 3d effect comes in handy while playing this game, allowing you to determine the differences between the background and foreground platforms your character is jumping to.

There are 3 power-ups that that Max will obtain throughout the quest, but he is only able to have one equipped per level.  The power-ups prove to be useful and could change up tactics within certain levels as well.  There aren’t any checkpoints, which can make the game frustrating when having to start at the beginning of the level upon each death.  Mutant Mudds gets a tad bit repetitive, especially with only having one weapon that you use throughout the whole game.  All in all though, it is a great platformer and I thoroughly enjoyed the game and the nostalgic throwback feel it delivered.

Even though this is one of the more pricey titles on the eShop sitting at $8.99, it is definitely a must buy for avid 3DS players and fans of old school gaming.  Any true platforming fan would enjoy this and will get many hours out of this title, especially when trying to unlock levels and trying to beat the more difficult secret ones.  The eShop is quickly becoming a major selling point to owning a 3DS with Mutant Mudds and Pushmo to lead the way.



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