Leo’s Fortune [PS4]

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Graphics: 8/10
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Gameplay: 8/10

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Leo’s Fortune

DEVELOPER(S): 1337 & Senri



GENRE(S): Platformer, Puzzler

RELEASE DATE(S): 09/08/2015

When Leo’s Fortune was released for Android phones in April of 2014, it was meant to show off the capabilities of a high profile game that used stellar graphics and good controls; it was meant to be used as a poster child that games on mobile devices could be great. While the game was very good on mobile it always felt like he was missing something… buttons. So it’s nice to be able to have it on the PlayStation 4 controller and be able to use it just as you would any other standard platforming game.     


However, Leo’s Fortune is anything but a standard platforming affair, it is a beautiful high-definition world with a great soundtrack simple controls that make sense and it feels very easy to control at all times. The basic premise of Leo’s Fortune is that somebody has stolen Leo’s “fortune,” so now it’s time for Leo to travel to different relatives and their respective  areas to try and locate his missing fortune. Along with the way the story is told out in a voice over with very simplistic pictures thrown throughout; while it may be simple the voice acting here is so well done and the atmosphere feels so good that it’s a joy to sit through the monologues before you start to play a certain stage.


There are well over 20 levels divided into five chapters along with bonus stages available as well after completing levels with certain criteria to gain stars. Along the way you’ll encounter many different worlds including a forest, a sunken ship area, a steampunk mechanical area, along with a few others. Everything feels very organic and it fits well into the world of Leo’s Fortune.

Leo is some sort of felt fuzzy ball creature and he really feels like velcro as you go around walls and throughout the world.  You’re able to jump but it’s not as simple as just jumping, you actually inflate your body to be able to glide and bounce objects off of your body. You’re also able to add weight with your body so they were able to throw your body down to the ground as hard as possible, kind of like an anvil, and use it like a seesaw on some puzzles or try or go deeper into water. Using these two mechanics throughout the entire game is a lot of fun, and you will use them throughout most of the game. Leo’s Fortune is basically a physics-based puzzle platformer, and the physics feel very unique. The physics are not like real world physics, everything has a little bit less weight and feels a little bit more floaty overall, yet the game feels very easy to control.


While there is a good amount of platforming, there are also the puzzles and most of them feel very well engineered and are very entertaining – nothing is going to have you scratching your head. Sadly, sometimes the puzzles even feel like a necessity and not something that was made out of pure creativity, some of the puzzles feel like they were made to be there because if they weren’t there then there’d be nothing there to do. Some feel more generic than they do creative.


The Recommendation
The presentation of Leo’s Fortune is nothing less than stellar on a high definition phone the game looks beautiful, but on a Playstation 4 it just looks wonderful and there’s so many moments where you’ll be wanting to hit the share button to take a screenshot or save some gameplay moment. It’s a good game to be able to show off to people and even though its not this huge AAA title, it still just looks great and sounds great. Along with the voice acting the music in the soundtrack and the score are just very well done, it feels great to sit right at home to relax and enjoy. Leo’s Fortune was a must play for your mobile devices and now that it’s on the PlayStation 4 it’s still just as much as a fun is as it was when it was released before.



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