3 Reasons Why “Think 3 For Charity” is Good for Gamers

Recently, I was speaking with a friend Scott, whose also a developer,  regarding video games and he was telling me about a promotion that he was running where he was giving a percentage of his proceeds to charity.  I felt the need to share this with our reader base because these are the kind of stories and charity that is right with the world today and we need to emphasis helping others more in our video game communities.  I will share his press release below, but you can also visit his site www.thinkmoregames.com to learn more about the games Scott has released as well as reading more regarding his “Think 3 for Charity” promotion.

North Port, FL (March 2016) – Every day millions of people spend millions of dollars on video games. More people do it every day. This robust marketplace thrills indie developers like Think More Games, who are eager to produce exciting and intriguing games to challenge this insatiable gaming audience.  Mobile game customers are likewise happy to discover new play options…from dazzling recreational distractions to simple healthful brain exercises.  But even though gaming provides a distracting and entertaining outlet, gamers aren’t immune to the realities challenging individuals and families.  They’re aware of, if not affected on a personal level, the millions of people dealing with serious mental and physical health concerns. No doubt they’re also outraged by the millions of animals homeless or in need of care. So why can’t we all win?

Think More Games (www.thinkmoregames.com), an indie game development studio started publishing games in January, 2016. Owner and Lead Developer Scott Roberts, has loved gaming since the early 80’s. Inspired by his nephew’s recent autism diagnosis, he also witnessed an amazing connection to his nephew’s ability to concentrate and focus on certain game play. Now Think More Games has launched a campaign called Think 3 For Charity to create a way for the ever growing game industry to help various charities, while showing other indie, and larger studios that they can be successful even while sharing a portion of their sales.

“If successful, Think 3 For Charity can change the game industry. More indie, mid-range studios, even some of the big ones too, will add charity sponsorship to their game sales, and in a 20+ Billion-dollar industry that can help a lot of causes.” – Scott Roberts, Founder/Lead Developer

Think More Games is challenging 3 million gamers to purchase at least 3 games from its growing library of family-friendly games (currently available on Google and Amazon app stores, Windows and Apple stores soon). This could create substantial donations to these 3 charities over this period of time.

Here are 3 great reasons why Think 3 For Charity is good for gamers:

  1. Gamers get to have some fun. The games have received great reviews.
  2. Gamers get to help someone. Their purchase contributes to all 3 charities!
  3. Gamers get to show that gaming while giving works. That alone can change the industry, if not the world.

About Think More Games

Think More Games was established in 2013 by Scott Roberts with the purpose of creating simple, challenging, fun games for mobile devices, consoles and PC. Think More Games provides family-friendly games that appeal to all ages.



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