What 2015 Means for Nintendo’s Wii U

We have seen Super Mario, Donkey Kong, Mario Kart, Smash, plus second-party titles such as Bayonetta, and even a spin off like Captain Toad all from the end of 2013 and throughout 2014. That’s not even to mention the crazy amount of Indie games that hit the eShop with the likes of Shovel Knight, NES Remix, DuckTales Remastered, Steamworld Dig, and Stealth Inc. 2 that made a huge impact. So what will 2015 mean for Nintendo?

It’s hard to tell the future, but we can see a spin on team-based shooters with the likes of Splatoon and even a user created Mario game in Mario Maker, but what else is there?


The interesting thing about Nintendo is even with their back up to a wall they still never show their full hand of cards. There have been few announcements beyond what has already been talked about and shown. The house of Mario very rarely has any leaks outed.  We do know there will be a new Kirby and a new Yoshi game that will both hit in 2015. Even a new title in the main Legend of Zelda franchise will come out and will no doubt impress most. Star Fox, while it has not yet been seen, has been talked about very heavily.


All of a sudden 2015 does not seem so bleak, there are many eShop games that are in the works, being ported or made just for the system, there is no desert here. Fans of the system will say they are happy and have plenty to play, yet there will always be naysayers. If you look at the first-party games alone which most will have to do because it doesn’t look like there will be much third-party support much like most Nintendo systems in the past, just a few movie tie-in games or just dance and simple mini-game collections.


Yet somehow the lineup for the new year is nothing short of amazing with games like Xenoblade Chronicles X that will itch the RPG spot and while it has not been announced officially for the Wii U,  there is even a new fighting game made by Namco Bandai with Pokemon called Pokken Tournament that has a great chance to make it to the system.


You can expect more second-party collaborations as most can assume with games like Bayonetta 2 and Hyrule Warriors happening in the past, that these types of partnerships will happen again. In total, there are eight games that are know about and are slated to come out this year.


What about games that have not been talked about? What are the minds of Nintendo working on? Could this be the year that Pokemon makes a home system debut that is more than just a simple battle game? will Animal Crossing head over and have us collecting bugs, fish and fossils?

It’s hard to say what the future will hold, and while I can’t say that this will be the year that Nintendo wins over the masses, the fan base that has made the Wii U their system of choice will stay happy with a few newcomers that make the buy.

Nintendo has done a good job of keeping the people happy that have bought the system, and E3 will no doubt have news that will have the Gaming Industry turning on their heads, with new games and maybe this will be the year we see the Quality of life platform for the first time.

There are still a few games that can still be made that could get the fans even more excited and even have owners of the PS4 and Xbox One take a second look at the little system that may have a bit less power but a whole of lot more heart. What about a new Punch-Out! or Excitebike with a full fledged track editor with the ability to share creations made? There are even chances of HD ports, maybe a Mario Galaxy Collection, or Metroid Prime. What about an all new Metroid game with simple yet engrossing Gamepad usage?


Even more exciting could be the possibilities for new IP’s that only Nintendo can make.  It’s known that Miyamoto has been busy at work creating new ideas using the gamepad that have been demoed but not had much information has been leaked or made public.

There could be updates to series that have not seen the light of day for years such as Custom Robo or Chibi Robo. How about a new Urban Championship… Okay maybe not that, like never, never ever.

It can be a bit odd when many are ready to count out Nintendo, but fans and gamers alike don’t seem to seem the end in sight. There are so many games and so many possibilities, and the best part of all of it… We don’t know anything. I say here is to 2015 a year of great games and surprises that has yet to be seen.

What would you like to see from Nintendo in 2015? What games have you lips wet? What worries do you have or what has you excited? Sound off by sending me a message or just drop a comment.

What’s up, My name and Matt. It’s nice to meet you, find me on twitter @onlymattdesind



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