Major Heroes of Ruin Save File Bug

A pretty big bug for recently released 3DS hack-and-slash adventure Heroes of Ruin has been discovered that could prevent a player from advancing in the game after you play online.  I unearthed this bug myself, and I have since found I’m not alone by looking at the official message boards.

The glitch happened when I joined an online game that was playing an area where I hadn’t completed a quest yet.  When I finished playing, I exited out to play solo again.  However, when I loaded up the profile, there were no quests besides the daily & weekly challenges.  Even an area I had unlocked was inaccessible.  Because of a lack of quests, I could no longer advance in the game.  This doesn’t seem to happen when you create your own online game.

So far the only solution is to delete your save file and start again.  I wasn’t to thrilled with this option since I had made it pretty far in the game with that character.  This is a pretty big deal because Heroes of Ruin has been using the online co-op as a huge selling point.  At this time, there has been no response from Squaire-Enix or developer n-Space on this issue, but we’ll be sure to update you when we hear more.   Keep an eye out for the full GameGravy review later this week.



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