Siesta Fiesta

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Gameplay: 8/10
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Fantastic Take on BrickBreaking Genre | Great Art Style and Soundtrack

Moving Levels Adds Tough Difficulty

Game Info

GAME NAME: Siesta Fiesta

DEVELOPER(S): Mojo Bones

PUBLISHER(S): Mojo Bones

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3DS

GENRE(S): Action/Arcade

RELEASE DATE(S): July 24th, 2014

If you have read some of my older reviews on this site, you will find that I have reviewed a few games in the brick-breaking genre.  I am a huge fan of this genre going back to playing games like Arkanoid and Alleyway and I love to see developers take it on and mix it up.  Mojo Bones does just this and they shake it up enough that it breathes life into a stale genre.


Not unlike most games in the genre you are in control of a paddle that moves along the bottom of the screen, but instead of a paddle it’s actually a bed.  You will use the bed to bounce your character, Siesta, into different blocks and pinatas in order to score points and try to achieve the covenant gold medal.  You can move the bed by using either of the direction inputs or by using the touch screen.  While I found the touch screen to be the faster input method, I felt that using the input devices was a more precise option.  A unique but welcoming added strategy is that you only bounce half the screens height unless you hit the “A” button right before Siesta hits the bed.  This helps to maneuver around obstacles and there are power-ups that can be collected in some levels that will give you the super jump ability for a limited peroid of time.

What differentiates Siesta Fiesta from other brick-breaking clones, is that you don’t progress by clearing every brick in a stage, you progress by finishing levels and trying to score points.  At times, the game feels like a platformer, similar to levels in Super Mario Bros. where the screen is continually pushing right.  It is this function that makes the game so difficult.  You will have to try to bounce Siesta through different paths, break gold pinatas ( you have to hit them 3 times ) or go through other types of blocks to help you earn points towards the gold.  Even the overworld map has the feel of a platformer, similar to Donkey Kong Country or the Super Mario Bros. series.  Each of the 8 regions of Fiestaville ends with a unique boss fight which also helps keeping each level feel fresh.


The graphics and art style of Fiesta Siesta feels like they ripped a 2D game from Viva Pinata, and believe me that is not a bad thing.  It has a nice art style and blends the concepts of a fiesta in there with Pinata paper flying everywhere.  The 3D effect is used well for what they were trying to accomplish but didn’t feel necessary.  I did enjoy the levels where the water would splash the screen, you could see the depth well and was a nice subtle effect.  The music also fits the the artistic theme of each level as well.  The beach levels have beachy music and so on.

The Recommendation

I highly recommend this title to any fan of the brick-breaking genre that is looking for the next evolution or progression of the genre.  While the physics and the concept aren’t groundbreaking, the idea and manner it is executed in are.  I could easily recommend this to any 3DS owner as well that is looking for a quick pick0up game with out heavy story or RPG-grinding.  You can get a few games played in a short matter of time and you feel like you have accomplished something.  Pick this fun game up today for your virtual collection!


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Siesta Fiesta
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