Wii U Reviews

Steamworld Dig 2: More to Dig (, , , )
October 12, 2017 -

What can I say that at this point has not already been said? Please feel free to read this but… Read More »

Fast Racing NEO ()
January 20, 2016 -

When looking at Shin’en’s latest Wii U title Fast Racing NEO there is no denying that the game resembles and… Read More »

Word Party ()
December 8, 2015 -

If the wheels not broken why fix it, right?  That’s the direction that developer Lightwood Games has taken with their… Read More »

Gunman Clive HD Collection ()
November 2, 2015 -

Back in early 2013 when Gunman Clive was originally released on the Nintendo 3DS my attention was immediately captured with… Read More »

Astral Breakers ()
September 28, 2015 -

The Wii U eShop is no stranger to the puzzle genre which for better or worse makes Astral Breakers from… Read More »

Pixel Slime U (, )
September 21, 2015 -

Pixel Slime U is the newest title to hit the Wii U eShop from publisher/developer RC Madiax. It is also the… Read More »

The Bridge [Wii U] ()
September 11, 2015 -

No it’s not going to be the most difficult game that you ever play it’s not going to be the most stunning game you ever look at, it is a game that almost anybody could easily understand and have a good challenging and fun time with.