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By Ryan Shiflett, August 4, 2015 Gamescom, Microsoft, News, Trailers

Microsoft closed their Gamescom briefing with the surprise announcement that Halo Wars 2 is coming Fall 2016. The game is being developed by Creative Assembly who is best known for their work on the Total War series, Warhammer 40k and… Read More »

By Michael Johnston, August 4, 2015 News, Podcasts

Speaking in it is  Michael Johnston (Editor in Chief) Twitter:@Mikeatron,  Eddie Ankenbrandt (Nintendo Writer) Twitter:@eddybreaker, and also (Writer) Dante Rahdar Twitter:@GhostofMarino. We hope you enjoy Episode 46! In this episode we talk about: Should Writers be only allowed to review games/genres they… Read More »

By Chris King, August 4, 2015 Microsoft, News, PC, Sony, Trailers

Avalanche Studios and WB games is getting there hype train rolling for their new open world game that was created from the world of George Miller’s Mad Max movies.  The game takes part somewhere in between the movies so it… Read More »

By Jeffrey Wilkes, August 4, 2015

There is something about ninja vegetables that seems to peak my interest.  Maybe it goes back to my Parappa the… Read More »

By Jimmy, August 4, 2015 Microsoft, Sony

Batman:  Arkham Knight has a patch out now that added photo mode.  Now you can take pictures of the streets of Gotham.  The update is 1.6GB assuming you’ve kept up to date on the recent versions.  If this is your… Read More »

By Jimmy, August 4, 2015 News, Nintendo

Rumors surfaced last week that Gamestop was possibly going to hold an amiibo pre-order event on Aug. 8th.  Now it has been confirmed that the rumor is true.  If you go to Gamestop on Saturday, you will have the opportunity… Read More »

By Jimmy, August 4, 2015 News, Nintendo

Freedom Planet for the Wii U was scheduled to be released yesterday on the Wii U eshop.  The game has been rescheduled for release on August 13.  There must have been a minor tweak being that it was only a… Read More »