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GAME NAME: Deadpool

DEVELOPER(S): High Moon Studios

PUBLISHER(S): Activision

PLATFORM(S): PS3, Xbox360, PC

GENRE(S): 3rd person action/adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): June 25th, 2013


Cameo after Cameo, “the merc with the mouth” has finally received his own video game with cameo’s by other marvel characters such as Mister Sinister, Psylocke, Rogue, and even Wolverine.  The game is based on Deadpool wanting his own video game, no seriously, it starts with them sending him a script for his video game.  I have to admit I was very hesitant on this game, I expected it to be the Deadpool of comic books, not the horrible version of Deadpool in the X-men Origins: Wolverine movie.  Thankfully, they gave us the bad ass, rude, crude, perverted Deadpool of the comics.  From the very beginning of the game, F bombs are being dropped to him taking a poop on the toilet to pretending he is touching a boob from a distance.  This game is definitely way too vulgar for children, so before you read any further, I will say now that if you were thinking of buying this for a child, definitely DON’T!


The gameplay in this game is nothing special to brag about.  Combos can be performed in the game but for the most part you can do the same thing by button mashing.  Deadpool starts with his kitana’s but you can collect deadpool points, or dpp, to unlock sai’s and etc.  Also, you will start with his pistols but can buy more guns like a shotgun and etc.  There are also smoke bombs, grenades, and even bear traps without bears being a part of the game.  The title character can teleport but it isn’t really a necessity often at all.  You can pick between using your swords or your guns depending on the weapon the bad guys are wielding.  The fights with the swords get pretty violent, blood will splatter all over and chop heads clean off.  The guns are no different, you can shoot from a far distance but up close you will shoot the baddies point blank in the face.  Also, you gotta watch your health meter.  Even though you can regenerate health, your meter will run out quick being hit and you will die.  On a side note, the comments he makes when you continue are pretty funny.


The graphics of the game are pretty clean but nothing overwhelming.  The big problem I had was the camera did seem to have a mind of its own while in combat, which made for some tough battles.  The blood splatter was done pretty well as you chop off the heads, stab them in the chest or shoot them, it would splatter in the pattern to the attack.  The cameo characters looked good.  The male characters were done to the T and the female characters were made a lot more voluptuous and dressed skimpier but are still recognized pretty easily.


There really isn’t too much to truly write about of this game not because its bad but because there isn’t really anything that stands out to most other games out there.  I believe High Moon had something really good going here but decided to go with the shock and awe of the game instead.  This game doesn’t take a true gamer to play or beat it.  This game is very violent and very very vulgar.  I like those things and personally would consider this game a definite buy but that’s also because I like the Deadpool character.  From a true gamer perspective, the game feels kinda rushed.  There isn’t much skill needed to get through this game.  Deadpool is worth a try but when its on sale, not full price.  Like I said, it’s nothing special but for a great laugh and toilet humor, this game has it.

**Review Based on Xbox360 Version


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