Free To Play Friday – Neko Atsume

If you haven’t yet noticed, cats are all the rage on the internet.  And since you can get phone internet nowadays, why not get some cats on there?


Neko Atsume, literally Cat Collection, has you buying food to attract cats, and also toys for them to play with.  It’s a simple little time waster game where you can spend money to get things quicker, but you definitely don’t have to.  Just relax and enjoy cute cartoon cats playing with toys.  Unleash your inner crazy cat lady!  Agonize over the decision, “Should I buy the Mr. Mouse toy or the Mr. Fish toy?!”

The fact that the whole thing is in Japanese adds to the silliness of it all.  The cats come and go, with little rhyme or reason, and no fanfare.  Tinkling elevator music on a loop keeps it light as you stare at cat buttholes (there are lots of them).  What makes them come, stay, play?  Which cats like which toys?  Well, just like owning a real cat, it takes a lot to make sense of it all.


Nearly all the text is in Japanese, so you’ll need to just click around and figure it out.  There is a very helpful primer on the internet, though.  If you’re having trouble getting through a menu or don’t know what to do, that site covers a lot of detail.

Neko Atsume is on iPhones in the Apple Store and Android in Google Play.  And it’s free!


Download it now and collect some cats!  They’ll even give you gifts if they like the toys you’ve set out.


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