Happy Memorial Day

Video games are a terrible medium for being respectful to a community.  Even the gun-manufacturing-backed Call of Duty series, or America’s Army, or Battlefield – games that owe their existences to the US military – screw it up.

So here’s my [unofficial, not the views or opinions of the entire staff here at the GG office] take – between your cookouts and shotgunning Bud Lights, pool parties and meat comas, take, like, two minutes and be respectful.  You don’t have to pander and call every National Guardsman a hero and genuflect to them in an ever-condescending parade of “thanks for your service.”  Just be respectful.

Saying something like “Happy Memorial Day!” feels extremely contrite.  Reflect on the fact that we live in a nation that, even with a volunteer military that you can completely opt out of, we’re still the most feared, respected, and powerful armed force that has ever existed in the history of the world.  And that some people chose to do that – but, more importantly, that they had that choice to begin with.

Okay folks, back to your grills and pools.


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