Wii U Reviews

CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior ()
March 11, 2014 -

Downloadable content is always a tough kind of review to write.  CastleStorm: From Outcast to Savior is the kind of… Read More »

Disney Infinity ()
March 11, 2014 -

  If you have played Skylanders than you probably already know how the base works by putting characters on it…. Read More »

Super Mario 3D World ()
March 9, 2014 -

  Mario fans beware of total awesomeness.  3D world provides you with everything from old costumes to new costumes, old… Read More »

F1 Race Stars: Powered Up Edition ()
February 12, 2014 -

The Kart Racing genre is always a hard type of game for me to review.  Mario Kart has with every… Read More »

Batman: Arkham Origins ()
February 2, 2014 -

  The “Dark Knight” returns in another video game, but this time in a prequel to the previous two installments…. Read More »

Unepic ()
January 28, 2014 -

Early in the Wii U’s life cycle one of the indie games that I would see in sizzle reels that… Read More »

Knytt Underground ()
January 24, 2014 -

There sure hasn’t been a lack of indie games being released for the eShop that have an old school nostalgic… Read More »