PS4 Reviews

Blood Bowl II ()
October 20, 2015 -

My two favorite genres growing up and playing the NES and the SNES were role playing games and sports titles. … Read More »

Madden NFL 16 ()
October 12, 2015 -

Football is back and you know what that means,  Madden is BACK baby.  EA’s annually released franchise has definitely seen… Read More »

Leo’s Fortune [PS4] ()
September 28, 2015 -

Leo’s Fortune was a must play for your mobile devices and now that it’s on the PlayStation 4 it’s still just as much as a fun is as it was when it was released before.

TorqueL ()
September 26, 2015 -

There are a lot of things people will look for in fast, small puzzle games.  A quick challenge.  Responsive, intuitive… Read More »

Until Dawn ()
September 1, 2015 -

It is almost that time ladies and gentlemen.  The leaves start to turn brown, the weather starts to turn a… Read More »

I Am Bread ()
August 31, 2015 -

I Am Bread.  And I am just the worst.  Look at me, covered in ants and cat litter.  I’ve been… Read More »