PS4 Reviews

Leo’s Fortune [PS4] ()
September 28, 2015 -

Leo’s Fortune was a must play for your mobile devices and now that it’s on the PlayStation 4 it’s still just as much as a fun is as it was when it was released before.

TorqueL ()
September 26, 2015 -

There are a lot of things people will look for in fast, small puzzle games.  A quick challenge.  Responsive, intuitive… Read More »

Until Dawn ()
September 1, 2015 -

It is almost that time ladies and gentlemen.  The leaves start to turn brown, the weather starts to turn a… Read More »

I Am Bread ()
August 31, 2015 -

I Am Bread.  And I am just the worst.  Look at me, covered in ants and cat litter.  I’ve been… Read More »

Tales from the Borderlands Ep.4 Escape Plan Bravo ()
August 31, 2015 -

Maybe the folks at Telltale Games read my reviews or maybe not but either way the wait for the next… Read More »

AeternoBlade ()
August 29, 2015 -

AeternoBlade is a side-scrolling 2D action game where you “hit” enemies with the eponymous AeternoBlade, a sword with magical time… Read More »

Goat Simulator ()
August 26, 2015 -

There’s nothing that you have to do in Goat Simulator and that is one of its best qualities there is. The game allows you to play the game however it is that you want to. Goat Simulator is A beta, it is early release, it is not complete, but that’s okay because it’s Goat Simulator. Where where else are you going to be able to lick a car and have it follow behind you until you jump off a cliff and blow up!