PC Reviews

Full Bore ()
May 16, 2014 -

Boar, Boar, Boar. I don’t want to bore you with the boar puns but I just can’t get enough of… Read More »

Daylight ()
May 10, 2014 -

I’m a big fan of horror games and I’ll have to admit I can be a sissy when it comes… Read More »

Goodbye Deponia ()
October 24, 2013 -

I jumped in for a fellow writer and took a leap head first into the adventure of Goodbye Deponia. Deponia… Read More »

Far Cry 3 ()
December 17, 2012 -

The Far Cry series has always been a storied one for me.  The first game sent us to a Dr…. Read More »

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty ()
July 25, 2011 -

Starcraft 2 was one of the most anticipated and long awaited games of all time. Blizzard, the team that has… Read More »