PC Reviews

Retro City Rampage DX ()
November 23, 2014 -

Over 15 years ago, I stood in an EBGames (ask your parents).  Standing next to me was my friend Nick. … Read More »

OlliOlli (PC) ()
October 27, 2014 -

I used to skateboard a lot when I was little. I would always hit up skateparks, skate in front of… Read More »

Freaking Meatbags ()
September 29, 2014 -

Attention humans reading this review. Are you a human? Well if so, you’re considered a Freaking Meatbag by the Robot Overlords. Freaking… Read More »

The Fall (PC) ()
September 9, 2014 -

I’ll be honest; I had no background on this game when it came to my desk for review. Ant was… Read More »

Secret Ponchos ()
August 26, 2014 -

Secret Ponchos is a combat game by Switchblade Monkeys and is available for Early Access on steam for $14.99.

Fist of Awesome ()
August 15, 2014 -

What’s better than punching a bear in the mouth? Well, that would be punching two bears in the mouth. The… Read More »