Nintendo 3DS Reviews

Super Destronaut (, )
April 4, 2015 -

Super Destronaut is a fun arcade shooter that is fun while it lasts, but it will be over faster than it took to download it

Puzzle Monkeys (, )
March 17, 2015 -

  Tetris has been a long time favorite of mine and millions of other gamers alike and so I had… Read More »

Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate ()
March 16, 2015 -

Just one more quest, just one more hunt. ¬†That is what I tell myself more often than not while playing… Read More »

OlliOlli (3DS) ()
March 16, 2015 -

So what if Skate and Tony Hawk had a baby? That baby would look a lot like OlliOlli, with simple controls that rewards practice and a combo system that would make a puzzle game jealous.

Adventure Bar Story (, )
March 10, 2015 -

One part restaurant simulation and one part dungeon crawler, Adventure Bar Story is a whole lot of fun with addicting… Read More »

Titan Attacks! (3DS) (, )
February 28, 2015 -

Can Titan Attacks out do what Space Invaders did over 25 years earlier.

Excave (, )
February 24, 2015 -

I always love trying new dungeon crawler style games, especially since I have been playing Diablo and Balder’s Gate games… Read More »