Word Party

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 6/10

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Word Party

DEVELOPER(S): Lightwood Games

PUBLISHER(S): Lightwood Games

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Party

RELEASE DATE(S): November 12th, 2015

If the wheels not broken why fix it, right?  That’s the direction that developer Lightwood Games has taken with their new game for the Nintendo Wii U titled Word Party.  Lightwood Games previous releases featured Word Search by POWGI and Epic Word Search so it’s not to far off the beaten path that their newest title would be some what of a word puzzle game.  This time around though, they have focused on the party approach which to me, made this one a mixed bag.


On one hand, you have yourself a finely constructed party game that will keep you busy when you have some buddies over. But on the other side of the coin you don’t have a game to play if you are trying to fly it solo. That is really the extent of the negatives though and let’s take about the features that Lightwood Games got right.  For a party compilation this sucker is huge.  There are over 28 unique puzzles that up to 6 players can participate in.  This my friends will keep you busy for hours if your friends like word puzzles.  These games can range from word searches to spelling challenges to picking out words as they pass by.  There aren’t to many that feel like duplicates and they will take you on a full array of challenges.

One player can use the Wii U GamePad while playing the games while the others will be stuck with Wii Remotes.  The players with the Wii Remotes are at a slight disadvantage because of the speed issue with pointing and clicking instead of just tapping.  While this is an inconvenience, it is not that bad and it doesn’t ruin the experience in anyway.  During these multiplayer sessions, games are chosen at random and points are awarded by the place you finish.  After the rounds of games the player with the most points is the winner.  There is a practice mode available too but your gaming will mostly take place in the multiplayer game modes.


Word Party doesn’t need to be much in the visual department but it does enough to create it’s own unique cartoon look.  The inclusion of the Mii character’s gives the title a first party feel. The sound didn’t do much for me except get repetitive.  The music works for a party game but you won’t catch yourself humming these tunes afterwards.

The Recommendation

If you have guests over and play a bunch of party games then Word Party by Lightwood Games is can’t miss.  Unfortunately, if you play solo most of the time this game will collect dust as the practice modes will get old quick.  I commend Lightwood Games as there games have gotten progressive better and deeper but i do wish there was some sort of single player for non party times.




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