8.25 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 8/10

Great Pop Culture References | RPG elements

No option to Zoom on TV | Lots of Trial & Error

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DEVELOPER(S): EnjoyUp Games

PUBLISHER(S): EnjoyUp Games


GENRE(S): Action/Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): January 16th, 2014

Early in the Wii U’s life cycle one of the indie games that I would see in sizzle reels that really stood out to me was EnjoyUp Games’ Unepic.  My first impression was that it would be a metroidvania mash up and I wasn’t to far off.  With the influx of the platformers and metroidvania games coming to the online shops would this game stand out or would it be passed up as just another clone?


As the game starts out, you are at your buddy’s place drinking some beer and playing some Dungeons and Dragons (Sounds like a normal Friday night for the writers at GameGravy).  As your character gets up to take a piss, he is transported to a dungeon where he is possessed and must adventure through to become rid himself of the spirit.

The game plays very similar to a castlevania game.  You get different weapons such as a mace, sword, bow and arrows and more.  The sword is more effective against enemies, where the mace is more effective against barrels, boxes and other such items.  You also get spells later that can be used for attacking or making traveling easier plus more.  If you play on the TV s creen, the gamepad acts as an inventory manager that lets you quickly switch weapons which is a huge help.  There is also a benefit to playing off-screen as well.  In off-screen mode the game will zoom in on a particular area of the room you are in instead of having the zoomed out look.


While exploring through the corridors, you can light torches, lanterns and other objects to show where you have already explored.  There are plenty of traps and secrets to keep you on your toes and don’t expect this to be a trip through Dreamland.  There is no hand holding in this adventure.

Graphically the game has a 16-bit look but with a fresh HD coat of paint.  It fits what the developer was going for well.  The music fits as well with a nice soundtrack and great voice acting.  I love how the game references Castlevania, Metal Gear Solid, Star Wars and other of famous things pop culture.  The game literally made me laugh out loud on more than one occasion which rarely happens when I’m playing a game.

Unepic was a solid playthrough from start to finish, with great humor and controls and good level design and structure.  The RPG elements, achievements and multiple endings will add to the replay value and give hardcore gamers resons to come back for more.  I highly recommend this game to indie fans and fans of the metroidvania type games, you will not be disappointment.



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