The Legend Of Zelda (NES)

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 6/10
Sound: 10/10

Very Original | Epic | Amazing Soundtrack

Some Confusing Moments | Difficult Areas

Game Info

GAME NAME: The Legend of Zelda


PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo

PLATFORM(S): NES, Nintendo Wii Virtual Console

GENRE(S): Action/Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): February 21st, 1986

This is a secret for everybody.  The Legend of Zelda changed the way gamers played console games forever.  Never had an adventure game been considered so epic.  When The Legend of Zelda arrived on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) in 1987, a new genre was introduced to all players who bought this game.  Unpacking the box, gamers saw a gold cartridge and grabbed their handy map and then set forth on their adventure.  After booting up the game, users were greeted by a short scene of back story.  Navigating through the name select screen, gamers would enter their name and could save their progress with the newly introduced battery back-up installed in each cartridge.  The adventure begins after selecting the file that was just created.


Set in the land of Hyrule, players control a young boy by the name of Link.  Link is out to save the Princess Zelda from the evil known as Ganon.  Link starts out with nothing but his classic green tunic.  By walking into the first cave you find and obtain your first weapon, the wooden sword.  The gameplay with the sword is rather simple.  You can swing in any direction and if you have full health, which are represented by hearts, Link’s sword will shoot out a projectile blast of energy.  There are eight different dungeons in which Link can explore, along with a huge overworld.  Each dungeon has weapons and/or items, which can be collected that will be used later on to either kill the dungeon bosses or advance further in the game.  After each dungeon is completed, Link gains an extra heart container for his health and a piece of the Triforce.  Link will need a completed Triforce to put an end to Ganon’s evil plot.  The final dungeon is a gigantic maze with many of the rooms just leading the player to run in circles.  I highly recommend a walkthrough guide, as players will have spent hours just walking around this dungeon that has tough enemies to boot.


The graphics in The Legend of Zelda were some of the best when the game was originally released.  They still hold up today for an NES game and does not hinder the experience.  The music is one of the things that has made this franchise so famous.  Every theme in this game is memorable and will have you humming or whistling it as you play through the game and even hours after you turned it off.  The Wii Virtual Console version adds an excellent element of allowing the gamers to save their game whenever they want, which is a big help as you do not have to start at the beginning of dungeons if you save and turn it off.

The Legend of Zelda is a must in any Zelda fan or Nintendo fan’s library.  Even though it was first released in 1987, the game does not feel that dated.  If you have never played this game before the question you need to ask yourself is, “What am I waiting for?”  This is the game that started and became one of greatest series in video game history and should be played by anyone that wants to call themselves a true gamer.



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