The Bridge [Wii U]

8.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 8/10
Gameplay: 8/10
Music: 7/10

Mechanics|Art Style

Music|Moves Very Slow

Game Info

GAME NAME: The Bridge

DEVELOPER(S): The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

PUBLISHER(S): The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild

PLATFORM(S): Wii U (Reviewed), PC, PS4, Xbox One

GENRE(S): Puzzles

RELEASE DATE(S): August 20, 2015

Alright… So The Bridge is a game that’s kind of a little bit hard to describe…


There are a lot of puzzle elements in it yet there’s really no platforming elements in it, so while it probably would be considered a puzzle platformer, really it’s just a puzzle game where players are able to move around the world. Players will manipulate the world of The Bridge by either pushing the L or R shoulder buttons or tilting the gamepad controller to the left side or the right side, the entire game can be played via the touch screen by pushing on the left right side and directly tapping on the top of a door or something that needs to be manipulate.

There’s quite a bit of variety in The Bridge stages only last up to 5 to 10 minutes, if you’re able to solve them quickly. Each world offers a different challenge with different mechanics that are added throughout the game so there is a lot of challenge within The Bridge. The game really tests the way that you look at the world and how you pick apart a problem.


The look of The Bridge is something that definitely needs to be talked about because of it has a very distinct style. With a lack of color everything is monochromatic or black and white, with little shades of grey. Many of the objects in the game almost looks like they’re being drawn at a constant steady pace so while they’re moving it almost seems like it’s a sketch in motion, the game looks very nice. Though nothing groundbreaking it definitely has a very high calibre art style without being overdone. Though it seems be lacking a little bit without just maybe a touch of color.

The music in The Bridge on the other hand is very scarce and super minimalistic and while I do normally like a minimalistic soundtrack this one almost seems lose focus, there’s moments in the game where it seems like there should be certain musical cues or at least a little bit stronger feeling on the ambient tone to the stage overall. The game just kind of feels empty as if there’s nothing really going on and the music really doesn’t help it feels dull at times.


The challenge of The Bridge comes from being able to carefully understand what the goal of each stage is and then having an idea as to how to solve the puzzle, now everything basically revolves around players trying to exit through a door to make it on to the next level. It’s all about manipulating the world by literally turning it upside down to be able to try and figure out how to get through the door. Eventually there is also the ability to flipping through opposite sides, keeping everything standing still while trading place with a maniacal ball, or avoid getting trapped in a swirling vortex, there’s quite a bit of variety in the game.


My biggest problem with The Bridge was basically about how slow the game moved, now it was obvious that this would be a slow moving game but the movement of the actual player is very slow and it makes stages take longer than what they probably should.

The Recommendation

The Bridge is just one more in the title that has come on to the Wii U that was first on other systems, this really showcases the different things that the Wii U is capable of doing. Not only does it have large triple A titles, it can also have the smaller titles that have a very strong idea. More games like this are only a good thing and it keeps the library of games that are available on the eShop strong. This title has variety so it feels like there’s something for everybody. No it’s not going to be the most difficult game that you ever played, it’s not going to be the most stunning game you ever look at, it is a game that almost anybody could easily understand and have a good challenging and fun time with.



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