Tales from the Borderlands Ep.5 The Vault of the Traveler

9 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 10/10

Great Finish to the Season | Awesome Boss Fight

One of the Shorter Episodes

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tales from the Borderlands Episode 5: The Vault of the Traveler

DEVELOPER(S): Telltale Games

PUBLISHER(S): Telltale Games/2K Games

PLATFORM(S): PlayStation 4

GENRE(S): Graphic Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): October 20th, 2015

In keeping up with the later half of the first season of Tales of the Borderlands (or maybe the only season, but hopefully not) Telltale kept up pace and released the final episode shortly after they dropped the 4th.  After episode 3, Telltale rode the great momentum that the episode provided and brought us to the end in a quick matter.  The season started at a snails pace but ended great.


(The review below may contain light story spoilers, though attempts were made to keep details as vague as possible.)

The beginning of this episode picks up with Handsome Jack and Rhys in a battle for the control of Rhys’ human body and Fiona and crew caught on the Hyperion space ship.  Rhys takes Handsome Jack to extreme measures and all of the characters have to find a way to escape from the crashing space station.  There is a cool quick time event that features Rhys and Loaderbot as they try to escape Handsome Jack and the shuttle.

The best part of the chapter though features Gortys in super mega power form.  The fight scene reminds me of Power Rangers meets Street Fighter.  You will be using fighting moves in the QTE’s such as forward, forward, triangle as an example.  It is a really awesome turn for the end of the series and it keeps to comedy that the Borderlands franchise brings to the table.


The usage of music and voice acting is top notch just as in the previous episodes.  The graphics don’t have an visible stutters that plagued the earlier episodes and Telltale seems to have ironed out all of the glitchiness.

The Recommendation

At this point if you have purchased the first four episodes I can’t imagine you passing this one up.  Telltale did a great job finishing up the story with twists and making the end feel truly epic.  I really enjoyed Borderlands in the classic video game novel format.  The comedy and action that the series has come to be known for, was all accounted for and done to perfection.

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