Tales from the Borderlands Ep.4 Escape Plan Bravo (Xbox One)

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 9/10

Handsome Jack | Cinematic Presentation

Waiting for Episode 5 | Not Enough Action | Too Short

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tales from the Borderlands Ep.4 Escape Plan Bravo

DEVELOPER(S): Telltale Games

PUBLISHER(S): Telltale Games/2K Games


GENRE(S): Graphic Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): June 23rd, 2015

Telltale has been doing an outstanding job releasing these episodes so quickly and from the cliffhanger of episode 3 I wanted this one as soon as possible.  As always, Tales from the Borderlands push the limits of story telling and our main characters definitely were stuck with an interesting path to take this time around.


(The review below may contain light story spoilers, though attempts were made to keep details as vague as possible.)

Episode 4: Escape Plan Bravo starts out with Gortys having to explain what the next step is to find the vault.  Rhys, Fiona and the rest of the gang are stuck having to follow a threatened obligation from Vallery to board the Hyperion Space Station to obtain the part for Gortys.  I really enjoyed the heist style plan to board the station, it gave off a very cinematic feel that held your attention.  This episode, while being a great addition to the story, didn’t have that killer scene that makes it stand out.  Although, it still progressed at a decent pace and was over before you realized.


The action just wasn’t there in Escape Plan Bravo and I feel that hindered this episode severely.  One of my favorite things about this episode was Rhys using a machine to make himself look like Vasquez to infiltrate Hyperion.  There was one moment in this episode that I won’t spoil, but it has a decently heart-wrenching moment and I was a bit upset how it played out.  It was a traumatic event and I was more so upset that they didn’t allow the scene to sink in emotionally and they quickly jumped to the next bit of the episode.

Visually it holds the same quality as the previous episodes and the framerate has definitely been adjusted well this time around.  The sound and music are superb as always, especially during the big shootout scene.  I do wish Gortys had a bigger part in this episode, but Handsome Jack did a good job trying to make up where Gortys was absent.

The Recommendation

I easily say this is a must buy, especially if you already have bought the first few episodes.  Handsome Jack seemed to add a lot to this episode in my opinion and helped push the story forward.  I’m happy this episode released as quickly as it did, but I do wish it had more action and was a bit longer.  However, this makes me overly anxious to play the last and final episode of Tales from the Borderlands!



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