Tales from the Borderlands Ep.4 Escape Plan Bravo

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 10/10

Cinematic Feel | Good light humor

Short Episode | Not as Good as 3

Game Info

GAME NAME: Tales from the Borderlands Ep. 4 Escape Plan Bravo

DEVELOPER(S): Telltale Games

PUBLISHER(S): Telltale Games/2K Games

PLATFORM(S): PlayStation 4

GENRE(S): Graphic Adventure

RELEASE DATE(S): June 23rd, 2015

Maybe the folks at Telltale Games read my reviews or maybe not but either way the wait for the next installment of Tales from the Borderlands had been released a month earlier then the last.  The overall length of this chapter seems to be chopped as well, which could explain the quickness in receiving the penultimate episode.


(The review below may contain light story spoilers, though attempts were made to keep details as vague as possible.)

In Escape Plan Bravo, which is the fourth episode, our quasi-heroes make a plan to get to the Hyperion space station  in which ends up giving us a really cool cinematic feel.  In the style of heist  films such as Ocean’s Eleven, we get a full run down of the plan and how it will execute perfectly.  Well if you’ve been playing through all of the previous episodes you should know by now that when it comes to Rhys and Fiona NOTHING is ever executed perfectly.  The plan calls for some humorous moments but all in all it’s more plan focused than comedy.

The one thing lacking from this episode was a big action scene.  The only scene close to delivering was a nice bit with Rhys posing as Vasquez and going through a “fire” fight with Hyperion employees.  This scene had me laughing pretty hard at the silliness of it, but I still don’t think that it made up for not having a full fledged action sequence.


Fiona has a huge moment of character development where we get to see the more human side of our heroine.  This was a really touching sequence and I would say that it was the best scene in the game so far from the song to the emotion that was felt all the way through.  It was a great job of Telltale to pull the trigger on the character loss when it happened as it made for a very sentimental and sad moment.  One negative was not enough Gortys.  I felt like she was a show stealer in episode 3 and the lack of her character I felt hurt episode 4 overall.

The graphics and sound are on par with the rest of the series and it seems like they really got the frame-rate issues ironed out finally. Nothing stood out or hindered the episode on the art and graphics side. I really dug the song they used in the blast sequence.  It went really well with the launch and the emotion of the episode.

The Recommendation

If you’ve been along for the ride from episode one, it’s hard for me to not recommend Escape Plan Bravo.  While not quite as good as the third episode, it still manages to hold it’s own and move the story along and actually make us have the feels for the characters.  I’m looking forward to the climax of the game and to see how it all plays out.  You can check out my previous reviews below.

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