Super Mario 3D World

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Game Info

GAME NAME: Super Mario 3D World

DEVELOPER(S): Nintendo EAD Tokyo, 1-up Studio

PUBLISHER(S): Nintendo


GENRE(S): Platform

RELEASE DATE(S): November 22, 2013


Mario fans beware of total awesomeness.  3D world provides you with everything from old costumes to new costumes, old villains and new villains, and levels that are easy to extremely frustrating at times.  I started this game believing it was gonna be good but not to the extent that it is.  There were a few levels that were so easy but really fun and then there were levels that were very frustrating that the hardcore gamer in me had to come out and get focused.  The levels are clean, the graphics are amazing, the game play is smooth, and it is probably the best original game to have been released on the Wii U to date.


The story starts off with Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, and Toad exploring the Mushroom Kingdom and the find a clear pipe when a green Sprixie pops out of it.  The right after, Bowser appears and traps the fairy before getting away into the pipe.  Mario and the gang then jump into the pipe after them, coming out into a new Sprixie Kingdom and the player will take it from here.  You will play in an open world format to pick and choose the levels you are going to play and the levels are a 3D world with 2D side scrolling effects.


As most Mario games, you will start in the first world and as you conquer levels you will unlock another level, sometimes even two levels and you can take a choice in which level to play.  To move on from one world to the next, you have to defeat the castle of that world.  Each level has atleast 3 stars to collect and most levels have one stamp to collect.  There are some levels that are not your normal stages to progress through the game called Captain Toad levels that are there to help gain more stars on your journey.  These levels that have a series of mini challenges with a very short time limit to achieve the goal or there are puzzle like stages that you will control captain toad through to completion.  But don’t be fooled but these early on because they get harder and harder and the final ones are extremely challenging and frustrating.  There are some levels you have to unlock by having a certain amount of stars to play.  The stamps collected can be used to post on Miiverse and create some cool designs or add to the comments of frustrations or awesomeness of levels.  These stamps can be pretty easy to find and sometimes take a multiple tries to find.

cat suit

Items in previous games, such as the Boomerang Flower, Propeller Block, Mega Mushroom, and the Super Leaf return for use.  There are several new items that are introduced. The Super Bell which is a Cat Suit, enabling them to run faster, perform unique attacks and climb up walls to reach new areas.  A Lucky Bell, which is also a cat suit but allows the player to transform into a cat statue that can award you in certain situations.  The double cherries make a clone of the player to which you will be controlling two characters at once.  The more double cherries you get the more clones that you can control at once.  Cannon Boxes which constantly fire shots at enemies or hold the run button to charge the shot to go a longer reach.  Light Blocks which can defeat ghosts by shining light on them long enough.  And Goomba masks which allows you to blend in with the enemy and avoid battle. Players are also able to ride around in a Skating Shoe or on a dinosaur named Plessie who swims down water streams.


Mario 3D World is an awesome game with fun and challenging levels.  My only negative comment about this game is where is Yoshi but honestly he wasn’t necessary but everyone else was in this so why not him.  The suits from previous titles are still great to use but the newer ones make it that much better.  The levels mesh together very well.  The game flows smoothly, the music changes with levels and speeds up with time winding and goes perfect with everything.  The graphics are clean without any glitching or faults.  I have to admit there were times that I just wanted to quit because it was challenging.  I had too much fun playing this game as well as the replay value being awesome with possibly going back for all the stars and stamps as well as beating each level with every character.  I will sum this up as simple as I can.  Go buy this game and enjoy, it is a must have in every collection.


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