Steamworld Heist [3DS eShop]

9.0 Overall Score
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10
Gameplay: 10/10

Fast Gameplay|Easy To Learn

Simple Upgrades|No Scrimmage Matches

Game Info

GAME NAME: Steamworld Heist

DEVELOPER(S): Image And Form

PUBLISHER(S): Image And Form


GENRE(S): Strategy

RELEASE DATE(S): December 10, 2015

There are games that come out every so often that are hard to put down, games that will keep players up well past midnight, and every so often have players say “one more time.” It’s been my pleasure to play and say that about Steamworld Heist for the Nintendo 3DS. With simple gameplay that gets deeper the more you play and with a great feeling of difficulty, Steamworld Heist is a game that never gets old and keeps feeling fresh.


Steamworld Heist is rather slim on story but keeps players moving by offering a cut and dry tale of a group of Cowbots that are trying to do a little good. The story maybe small, but it feels just long enough and offers enough incentive to keep players moving forward. At the start of the story players will only have Pipper and Seabass to kick things off but thought out the adventure more and more Cowbots will be introduced to help keep the variety fresh. There is very little in terms of customizing the bots. As bots level up in a straight line, players don’t have a say on what stat will be upgraded. The real custom work comes from adding weapons and gear; also there are hats, a lot of hats. There is a ton of weapons and plenty of gear, depending on what is equipped bots will get bonus and add things like more movement and extra health. The customization feels empty and overly simple at first but allows for a lot of freedom, yet I do wish I could chose how my bots would upgrade.


It’s all about the hats

Steamworld Heist is a RTS, but it’s all in 2D. It’s fast moving and keeps battles brisk and entertaining while being very challenging. I did my play on the experienced difficulty and I felt the game get smarter and keep up with what I was doing the whole time. There have been RTS games in the past that I prefer playing with others over the computer, but the computer here feels lifelike and only seems to make a few odd attacks that result in their own death.

There are two parts of the players turn; movement and attacks/using items, unless players use the sprint ability that will not allow for an attack, but will let the bots move farther. There are barrels all over the playing field used to take cover and avoid taking damage. One of the biggest parts when firing the guns in the games is bouncing bullets or bombs off of walls as to hit enemies that are hiding. I learned fast that hiding is a must, and running away is okay to do. Staying alive is a hard to do and if any member of the party is killed in battle they will not receive experience and will not level up. If the whole party is killed or the mission is aborted players will also lose steam/cash.


Matches use basic objectives that need to be completed before a spaceship can be cleared. They range from clear all enemies, gather all loot, or kill a certain boss bot. Matches never last very long usually the longest any certain match will last is about fifteen minutes. Perfect for handheld play as matches stay fast even when there are plenty of restarts. This is a game where the term “One more time” gets said more than once during a session.

The soundtrack it just a joy to listen to and keeps the playfulness and tension up depending on what is going on. If there are battles or players are inside shops getting new items and weapons the music is just as much a part of the game as the battles themselves. The graphical style is a nice mix of 16\32 and has fluid motion and looks great in 3D. Steamworld Heist plays, looks, and sounds great; if you have some extra Christmas cash, this is a game that should be a no brainier. Pick this game up, it’s too much fun not to play.




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