Squids Odyssey Review (3DS)

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 7/10
Sound: 7/10

Good Combat System | Tons of Unlocks and Content

Leveling Up System

Game Info

GAME NAME: Squids Odyssey

DEVELOPER(S): The Game Bakers

PUBLISHER(S): The Game Bakers


GENRE(S): Tactical RPG

RELEASE DATE(S): July 3rd, 2014

Squids Odyssey is a very unique adventure with some RPG elements that is now available on the 3DS.  This version is essentially the same game as originally released for the Wii U (Check out the review here), but without the HD visuals.  There is a decent story within this little game involving a mysterious ooze that invades the once peaceful underwater kingdom of the Squids, thus starts their big journey in thwarting the ooze’s invasion.


Squids Odyssey has an Angry Birds meets Final Fantasy Tactics mixture all in one tight little package.  You use the touch screen to move your squids by pulling back on them to fling them across the map, hoping to either make progress or attack a foe.  There is a stamina meter which is how you determine the distance your little guy can travel, also you can choose how much to use depending on how far back you stretch him.  Similar to FF Tactics, you take turns moving between your characters and the enemies until the goal is reached.  You have 4 different classes to choose from amongst 15 squids over the course of the game, those classes are scouts, shooters, troopers and healers.  Upon progression, you level your squids up and can obtain 65+ helmets that can alter each characters stats.


The visuals are not too bad for the 3DS, but can’t hold its own when compared to its’ HD counter part on the Wii U.  Squids Odyssey looks like a game that could’ve easily been on the older DS generations simply because there isn’t too much complexity on screen, even though the wavy tentacles are well done.  The music and effects are nothing too spectacular, but fit the underwater element with its’ sea ridden themes.


With over 15 hours of gameplay and 90+ levels there is a ton of stuff to keep you busy for awhile.  Once you have completed the main story you will unlock an Expert Pro Mode, which will provide extra challenges and extend the length of the game.

The Recommendation

Squids Odyssey is actually a very well designed game and if you don’t have a Wii U to get the HD version then this one will suffice nicely.  Even though the visuals aren’t too extreme it still holds a great spot in any pick up and go 3DS collection with its lengthy story and fun mechanics.  It is listed for $14.99 on the Nintendo Eshop, which isn’t a terrible price considering the amount of game you are getting.  I think anyone who enjoys FF Tactics with a twist on the movement system would enjoy spending countless hours to unlock all Squids Odyssey has to offer.



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