‘Splosion Man

8.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 9/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Humor | Challenge

Monotonous Levels

Game Info

GAME NAME: ‘Splosion Man

DEVELOPER(S): Twisted Pixel Games

PUBLISHER(S): Microsoft Games Studios

PLATFORM(S): Xbox 360

GENRE(S): Action, Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): July 22, 2009


Splosion man was accidentally created by scientists over at the Big Science laboratories.  The game consists of 50 levels of exploding fun for everyone.  The controls are pretty simple to get the hang of because the player can move in any direction and jump up to 3 times before having to wait for a refresher.  Jumping is actually your body exploding to make it across openings or upwards, killing scientists and robots, breaking glass walls, and exploding the explosive barrels.  Don’t be fooled by these simple controls because the game is challenging.


Each level has a cake that can be collected for extra points or to help you earn achievements.  The cakes can be simple to collect while others can be either very difficult to reach or a pain to find.  You can play co-op up with up to four players, which is very fun.  Each player will be a different shade so its easier to distinguish one from the other.  While playing co-0p, the screen will zoom in and out depending how close or far apart each player is to one another.  There are only 3 boss fights in the game in total but like we previously noted, there are a total of 50 levels which can get frustrating alone. So, make sure to bring a friend or two.


The graphics are pretty crisp and clean.  I did not encounter any frame rate issues or glitching whatsoever.  The music makes it more enticing, it speeds up in times of more intense situations and seems loopy during normal game play.  The game play is simple with basically running and jumping.  The timing of your jumps can be crazy challenging and the timing of the triple jumps can be critical as well to pass certain points of each level.


To true hardcore gamer’s there may not be much to the controls but it gets to be a very challenging yet fun game.  It definitely is fun to kill scientists, as you explode on them making them flying human deli meat.  It’s very entertaining to see that once ‘Splosion Man is created he seems really off and loopy which makes his laughter even funnier while he is killing scientists and robots.  The obstacles in the levels get very frustrating sometimes and can take a few times to pass, so make sure you’re up for a challenge.  The only negative comment I have about this game is that levels can sometimes be monotonous and can get annoying at times, so it’s the type of game best played in increments.  I recommend this game if you are into challenges and loony tune humor.




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