Secret Ponchos

7.3 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 6/10

Detailed characters | Variety of combat

Bad pairings can happen | Can't choose teams

Game Info

GAME NAME: Secret Ponchos

DEVELOPER(S): Switchblade Monkeys

PUBLISHER(S): Switchblade Monkeys

PLATFORM(S): PC (Reviewed), PS4

GENRE(S): Shooter, Fighting, Mutiplayer


Switchblade Monkeys Entertainment brings you a fun wild west combat Early Access game called Secret Ponchos on Steam! In this action game, teams of two are pitted against each other in a combat match. Because it is Early Access at this point, some things will change and improve with time. They hope to release the official version sometime in fall 2014.

Screenshot (1779)

There are different maps, differing in sizes and environments, such as: the Boneyard (extra small), Ranch (medium), Saloon (large), and Train Wreck (extra large).


The characters are diverse and have special skills unique to them. The Killer is an old man who carries a revolver and a hunter’s knife. His strengths are his revolver’s range and damage done. The Matador is a woman who carries a sword and cape. Though she has a short range, she does a lot of damage and can blind her opponents with her cape. Kid Red carries twin pistols that have rapid fire and he can blow things up with dynamite. The Deserter carries his hunter’s rifle and deals a lot of damage. He is huge and has lots of health, as well. Phantom Poncho carries a shotgun and uses his bullwhip to stun enemies.

When placed in a match, you are paired with someone and put against two other people who are on a team. The problem right now is the fact that you can’t choose who you are paired with. And the game is no fun when people don’t know what they are doing and just run around. Part of the fun is strategy and  outsmarting the others. Maybe when the game gets more popular, more advanced people will join, making the game more reliable and fun.


When you win a match, your bounty goes up a certain amount of dollars depending on how much damage you dealt and how you did. The more your bounty is, the more you can get for your character and gameplay. When you lose a match, your bounty goes down, making it harder to achieve goals.

The sounds are great. The music is a wild west theme, and is the same tune throughout the game. It’s one of those songs that doesn’t get annoying after a while. The graphics are very specific and detailed. You see each character’s special features, and some even have warning signs before attacking. The characters movements are very smooth and swift.

The Recommendation

This is a great action/combat game for any gamer and I recommend checking it out. It is fun and different. The problem with bad pairings should clear up once more people start playing, so don’t fret about it. This game is going for $14.99 on Steam!




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