Runny Egg

7 Overall Score
Gameplay: 7/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 8/10

beatifully designed | nostalgia | musical score

pretty short | input lag on button presses

Game Info

GAME NAME: Runny Egg

DEVELOPER(S): Tom Create

PUBLISHER(S): Tom Create

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo 3DS

GENRE(S): Action/Adventure/Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): April 9th, 2015

To start off Runny Egg brings a few classic games to mind in various respects for different reasons. Whether it’s the level design, music or the basic gameplay aspects of the game other games in the same genre can be comparable. I would describe Tome Create’s latest game as what I call a “run, jump, run” type of platformer in that you try to book it like an Olympic sprinter from the beginning of the stage collecting baby chicks and avoiding obstacles along the way. It seems like I always end up using Kirby as a comparative basis for games, but I mean, why wouldn’t such a great game franchise inspire new works from the latest generation of developers? The reason I bring that up is the art style, (particularly the trees, and to a certain extent music) is definitely reminiscent of the Kirby that I (and hopefully you!) grew up playing. I also see a very heavy influence from games such as Adventure Island, Super Mario Bros. and even a little Mega Man.


There is a fair amount to do in Runny Egg as there are 16 stages for you to as I said, “run, jump, run” through, each with three difficulties (easy, normal and hard).  Each level has plenty of chicks to collect as part of your challenges which will vary depending upon what difficulty you choose, a time-based challenge and a jumbo egg hidden in each stage. In addition to simply collecting the chicks, you will “hatch” and become what I’ve been referring to as “a super chicken” for every 100 chicks you’ve collected which will allow you to become invincible for a short period of time. You also unlock “recipes” which are a bit like achievements in the sense that you will unlock said “recipe” after completing certain tasks within the game. One thing I found really interesting was the way you level up your egg. As you collect “egg points” for completing your main set of challenges, you can “Evolve” your egg’s HP, speed, and hardness. You can choose to do it however you like at any time before you begin a stage.


To be completely honest, until playing Runny Egg I was unfamiliar with the publisher, Tom Create, but they have done a great job taking me back to an era that I remember very fondly. Simple gameplay, great music (aside from the occasional tone or pitch that was too high, but that’s just me) and a graphic style very reminiscent of the long gone but still loved 16-bit era. Overall I did enjoy the game, although it is a bit on the short side in my opinion but at the same time it’s a lot of game for an astounding $2. I know, I know, it’s a bank breaker!

The controls for Runny Egg are….for the most part alright. They’re simple and I like that. You use the circle pad to move, (obviously) “Y” to run faster and “B” to jump. Now here’s the part I wasn’t that crazy about, it got rather frustrating for me actually, and that’s the double jump when you tap “B” twice. It seems, well, finicky for want of a better term. It was as though sometimes it either wouldn’t register the button press at all or it was laggy.  Sometimes it would force a wall jump when not even really that close to a wall shooting my little eggy in the opposite direction of what was intended. To me it’s minor, not a deal breaker at all but definitely worth noting.

The Recommendation

Regardless, this is definitely a good game for you if you are a completionist or a speed runner. There’s tons of collectibles, different paths you can take to get a better complete time and the basic time challenges are available to you right from the start, although some of the challenges do seem a bit unrealistic to me.






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