Roving Rogue

5 Overall Score
Graphics : 7/10
Sound : 5/10
Gameplay : 6/10

Graphics| Teleport|Some Really Good Stages

Controls|Music|Unfair Difficulty|Cost

Game Info

GAME NAME: Roving Rogue

DEVELOPER(S): PadaOne Games

PUBLISHER(S): PadaOne Games

PLATFORM(S): Nintendo Wii U

GENRE(S): Platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): July 2nd, 2015

Roving Rogue for the Nintendo Wii U eShop is an interesting little 2D pixel art platformer that tries to take the same old formula and switch it up a bit. The whole game is told from the end of the adventure and players must make their way to the start of the game. If this sounds odd don’t worry about a thing, this is exactly how its suppose to feel. Roving Rogue has a good idea that never really leads to any place that feels special, this is just a simple game with poor controls that never expands on the ideas that are shown.



The game has two modes of play: story mode and multiplayer. Story mode is where players will spend most of their time. Roving Rogue has a great sense of humor that never really stops and it’s one of the high spots for the game. Before the start of a level there is a bit of text on a piece of wood that shows on the screen; on the wood is also a picture, twitter handle, and some kind of #. Most of the jokes are well done and will get at least a smile out of most.



Roving Rogue starts the game at the end, the very end. The game opens with the player defeating the main bad guy, but sadly he has forgotten why he did what he did. So it’s time to retrace all the stages and steps and find out what’s going on. The story is told during the stage select screen by pressing the + button to open a book that is filled out by collecting three amulets in each level. Amulets are placed in hard to reach spots, some will be able to snag them on the first run through but others will need a second run through of a level. If all three are not gathered in a single level, parts of the book will remain in gibberish. Its a neat way to find out the story but after an hour I lost interest in the story and just graded the amulets I could snag without much effort plus the writing is very small on the book which makes it hard to read or care about.



Some games have a double jump, some have a grappling hooks, but what does Roving Rogue have to offer? Teleportation! Players have the ability to zap to new location with the click of a button. The idea sounds good in practice and most of the time this simple gimmick works well. Players can only teleport through certain walls which adds to the challenge of the game. The problem comes from trying to control the direction of how far you might want to teleport. The analog sticks and even d-pad seem to have problems with knowing where I was aiming at times and would send me up instead of diagonal lost of time. If I needed to go up two blocks it would not move me at all and if I only wanted to move one space it would send me two for no reason. Even with the game beat I didn’t feel I ever got a great grip of the controls, but there were a few times that after a tough platforming section I did feel pretty amazing.


This is a 2d pixel art platform game on the system with some of the best platformers then anywhere else. So how are the levels? They were okay. Now the game starts at the end, yet the stages keep getting harder towards the beginning of game. The music while sounds fine is just one song and gets old very fast. There are some levels that offer a great challenge that are fun and well done, but most stages just feel like the game is trying to throw as many bad guys as possible to make up mad.


The Recommendation

The game is fun with some control issues. The story is lackluster and the feeling of progression is just odd with the game being easy at the end and hard at the start. If players are able to collect all the amulets in the game, there is a second quest the game speaks of. There is also multiplayer, up to four players couch co-op.  After one playthrough though, I think most gamers will want to take a break.



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