Retro City Rampage DX

6 Overall Score
gameplay: 6/10
sound: 6/10
graphics: 6/10

Fun open world crime | Excellent pacing | Solid gameplay all-around

8-bit graphics are distracting | chiptunes are repetitive | IS THIS A PARODY?

Game Info

GAME NAME: Retro City Rampage DX

DEVELOPER(S): VBlank Entertainment

PUBLISHER(S): VBlank Entertainment

PLATFORM(S): PC, Wii, PS3, Ps4, xbox 360, 3DS, Vita

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): 02/06/2014


Is Retro City Rampage DX a parody?  I don’t feel like they have expressed that enough to start the game or throughout the game.  I do however, love how they incorporate all my childhood favorites into the action.  If you ever played the original NES than you will definitely catch a lot of the game references that are involved.  I love that the game involves a generic version of my favorite characters of all time, the teenage mutant ninja turtles and you can actually drive the turtle van which is totally cool.  Retro City Rampage DX also reminds me a lot of Grand Theft Auto 1, 2 and London.  I’ll make this easy for you right away, if you don’t like old school NES games or the GTA games that were over head view than do not bother playing this game and go do whatever does float your boat.


The graphics of the game are pretty brutal but it is just like an 8-bit NES game.  It reminds me a lot of my younger years, which is good and bad because it is like reliving your childhood but going back to those graphics makes it so hard to want to continue to play very long.  The gameplay is like an NES game too, it’s not necessarily glitchy but it’s block-like with the explosions and other things to that extent.  The music goes great with game all around from the theme song to the sound effects.  It gets you in the mood to steal cars, cause chaos, and other fun criminal behavior.


The game play of Retro City Rampage DX is good for the most part.  The controls of the game are pretty tight.  As soon as you push any direction on the analog stick the vehicle or character instantly turns.  There’s the option of choosing weapons from a wide variety of guns to baseball bats to guitars.  You can steal vehicles such as the ninja turtles van, the A-team van, police vehicles and etc.  There are missions that must be completed for you to progress through the game for completion.  Some of the missions in the game are rip offs of movies and such with generic names so there is no copyright infringing.  For example, you will play a mission early on that is a complete generic version of Back to the Future.  There are also side missions called arcade challenges that you can earn bronze, silver or gold awards, with the occasional “participation award.”  Some of the missions will include using a tank to cause as much destruction as possible, beat people with a billy club and more.  There are also shops throughout the game where you can upgrade to new weapons.


The Recommendation

Retro City Rampage DX is an 80’s and 90’s tribute to video games and movies.  It has some humor that will make you remember the past more than just make you laugh.  I still enjoyed it but the game itself felt kinda like playing GTA with the NES feel.  I liked playing this game, it was great to relive my past but at the same time I prefer to leave my memories of past games just there, in the past.  I have recently played an old school system and it ruined my memories of the game, so I feel that is basically what has happened with this game.  I like the game but it needs to up the graphics.  Other than my gripe over the graphics, the game is pretty fun but can get boring fairly quickly as well.  If you loved the original GTA games than this game is up your alley, if not then turn your attention elsewhere.



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