Paper Monsters Recut

7.5 Overall Score
Gameplay: 5/10
Graphics: 9/10
Sound: 8/10

Beautiful Art | Catchy Tunes | Nice Pacing

Too easy | Bland Compared to Other Platformers

Game Info

GAME NAME: Paper Monsters Recut

DEVELOPER(S): Mobot Studios, Inc.

PUBLISHER(S): Mobot Studios, Inc.

GENRE(S): 2D platformer

RELEASE DATE(S): October 16th, 2014

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, if you are a Nintendo fan and love 2D platformers, the Wii U is the system for you.  There is surely not a drought of indie developed 2D side scrollers that are landing week in and week out on Nintendo’s eShop. The best thing about the over abundance of this genre is that most of the games are quite good and bring something unique to the table.  Does Mobot Studios’ Paper Monsters Recut follow the trend or break from the norm.


Paper Monsters began it’s life on the mobile markets of the andriod and iOS operating systems.  Mobot has since then ported it to the PC market and now it has finally made it’s way to what would be the most fitting platform for the quirky little title, the Wii U.  In Paper Monsters Recut, you play as a cardboard cut-out robot who is trying to save Paper Land.  That’s it for your basic story and it never really gets to be much more then that.  The game is broken down in an interactive world over view map, similar to what we have been seeing in the Mario series as of late.

There is much more this game has in common with Mario as well.  You will run with the Y button and jump with the B button.  Pressing the B button while in the air again with perform a double jump move.  There are secret warp pipes that will take you to new locations in the background(reminds me of Mutant Mudds) or underground (very Mario-esque) and well as secret areas located within certain walls.  The gameplay gets broken up a little with the inclusion of levels where you will be in a submarine or on a sled.  These are some of the better moments in the game and help give it it’s own identity.  The boss fights at the end of each area are fun additions as well.


Within each level of Paper Monsters Recut you can collect 3 Golden Paper Clips and 1 Gold Button.  These are used later on to unlock mini games to get high scores in.  The mini-games are just okay as they are just infinite runner type games.  Some of the collectables are super easy to find and some are difficult but never feel impossible.  On the topic of difficulty, all the enemies and platforming are pretty easy.  I’d compare the game more to a Kirby game in difficulty then a Mario title but I wouldn’t consider this a bad thing at all as a gamer of any experience level should be able to enjoy Paper Monsters Recut.  Ultimately, the gameplay feels kind of bland though.

Where Paper Monsters Recut really shines is the graphical style it takes on.  It has a 3D feel but plays in a 2D scope.  The game looks like it came straight out of Paper Mario with it’s cardboard cut-outs, cotton balls, paper mache and popsicle stick art assets.  The games 3D imagery is gorgeous and the lighting effects are some of the best I’ve seen from an indie studio.  The night levels really have the essence of the moon shining down done perfectly.  The music matches with the game greatly as well.  The poppy and catchy music rivals some of the best tracks from other 2D indie platformers I’ve played and reviewed on the Wii U.

The Recommendation

I really wanted to like Paper Monsters Recut more then I did, but unfortunately, the lack of difficulty and the fact that it has a bland feel to it keeps it from achieving greatness.  The mix of levels keeps the game from feeling too stale and the unlockables are a good addition and bonus to those who are completionists. I’d like to see what Mobot could do with a sequel that had some more original ideas to it as this could be a great franchise.



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