7.75 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

8-Bit Graphics | Cross-Buy | Cool Levels

No Multiplayer | Tough In-Level Challenges

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PLATFORM(S): Ps4, Ps3, Vita

GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): August 26th, 2014

This has been the era of indie titles on all platforms, especially Sony’s.  I recently was given an opportunity to play OlliOlli for the PS4 and I have to say I’m impressed at how well it was done.  The company Roll7 created a side scrolling skateboard game that actually fits well with its 8-bit graphical style.  Although the game is very simplistic in nature, there is very complex concentration that is needed by the player to pull off some sick moves.  There is no story or main purpose in the game except to just make it from one end to the other without crashing while gaining as many points as possible.


OlliOlli is oldschool at best and will constantly make you want to restart the levels to do a perfect run without fail.  The “X” button is used to push off to gain speed and all the tricks are pulled off with either the d-pad or the left analog stick.  With a very similar control setup like old Tony Hawk games it will be easy for any old skateboard gamer to pickup without an issue.  You can also use the shoulder buttons to add some spins or variation and essentially more points to your combos if landed.  The hardest part always seems to be landing perfects or even avoiding obstacles at fast speeds, but once you get the hang of throwing down some gnarly combos you will become more gutsy and risk crashing just to get that last trick in.

There is a career type mode where you just progress each level and unlocking the next and if you unlock challenges in each one you will open up pro challenge levels.  There is also a “spot” mode which will be any of the levels and you have to try and string a super long combo without stopping tricks.  If you stop doing a combo during the spot mode, it will end your session urging you to try again.  There is no multiplayer, but there is always a daily grind challenge available to see who can obtain the highest score with only one try to do so.  If you fail the one attempt, then you will have to wait until the next one is up to try again and be on the leaderboards.


Visually OlliOlli is as 8-bit as it goes and fits the bill with nothing else desired in that department.  There are some flashy colors and streams that will run off of you upon getting collectibles within the stages and decent looking sparks from the rails you grind.  The sound is actually well done and sounds as it should, from popping up the board to grinding a curb.  OlliOlli’s soundtrack has a very heavy techno feel and is upbeat at times or oddly slow during others.

The Recommendation

OlliOlli is a very well done sidescrolling skateboard game and has a lot of content available to unlock.  Patience is needed to succeed at most of the challenges provided in each of the levels, but can be done with some practice.  For $9.99 this is a great price for a Cross-buy game that has that pick up and go style to it.  As simplistic as the game seems, it will actually prove to be a more challenging experience than you would’ve ever expected.




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