Ninja Battle Heroes

8 Overall Score
Gameplay: 8/10
Graphics: 8/10
Sound: 7/10

Cool Summons | Better Than Expected

Over Too Quickly | Generic Game Title

Game Info

GAME NAME: Ninja Battle Heroes

DEVELOPER(S): Tom Create

PUBLISHER(S): Tom Create


GENRE(S): Action

RELEASE DATE(S): October 9th, 2014

You might be thinking Ninja Battle Heroes is a generic title for a game and quite frankly, I agree with you and feel the same.  Even though having a very unappealing name, it has proven to be a little mini hidden gem that probably won’t get the praise it deserves.  This game was made by Tom Create who are also well known for their Go series games that released as DsiWare.  Ninja Battle Heroes starts out with a character named Saizo Kirigakure, a ninja within the clan known as the Beast Brigade, returning home from a mission.  Upon returning, Saizo finds that all of his fellow warrior members are all missing and have been kidnapped.  This is where our story and action filled journey of Ninja Battle Heroes begins.


Each level you will be slashing your way from left to right on a typical 2-d platform layout.  The analog stick will move Saizo around on the screen and “B” will make him jump and double jump if tapped twice.  The attacks are pretty simplistic in nature with “Y” throwing stars at enemies and also being the button to slash your sword at them when close enough.  The 3-D effects are pretty decent on this title, with enemies attacking from the background and to attack those baddies all you have to do is press “X”, which will toss stars back at those trying to stop your ongoing rescue mission.  Your goal is to reach the end of each stage and rescue each fellow warrior, whether they are tied up or under a hypnosis spell and try to attack you.  Upon rescuing each one, they will aid you in battle and become a summoning tool when in a bind or need of assistance.  Once they are summoned they can do actions such as heal you, send a deadly area attack around you or just simply demolish everything on screen.  The touch screen is where all this comes into play with tapping the orb of which summon or skill you are wanting to use.  Each level also has three bonus objectives or rather challenges that can net you extra spirit to upgrade your skills, some of those challenges being as simple as defeating 30 enemies or finishing the level in under 1 minute.  Spirit can also be collected from fallen enemies by pressing and holding the analog stick downwards to draw them to you.


Ninja Battle Heroes looks like a decently polished title on the 3DS and is more than appealing for the price tag this game holds.  The great anime style character models when summoning or talking to them are very welcome and bring a sense of style to the game.  The music is a typical Shanghai Japanese style making the game feel fitting for the mood it’s trying to set.  There is no dialogue when characters speak and instead are just text bubbles, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing.  All the effects are well done and executed just as expected, from the sword slashing sounds to the whirling wind of Kamanosuke Yuri’s summon.

The Recommendation

Tom Create did an awesome job in making a very fun and affordable 3DS eshop title that delivers more than expected.  This game is a bit shorter than I wanted, but it doesn’t take away from the quality that is at hand and for $2.99 this is a must buy for anyone who would enjoy a well made ninja 2D platformer with more than just a hack n slash feel.




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